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  • Groomers in Wyoming..

    I was curious if the groomer who does "Pasa" the Cocker Spaniel is on this board.

    I groom him once in a great while when he's in town for vacation. I'm doing him in Friday. He absolutely hates me.. LOL... Well when he's back in the boarding area anyway. When I groomed him last time he was perfectly fine. He probably will be this time too.

    He warmed up to everyone that works boarding, but will growl and try to attack me. I can't do anything except laugh when he does it. He will bite, but he freaks out when I'm alone in the room with him. It's so strange...

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    When I was younger, and much less experienced we had a dog in the kennel that HATED me. No one else, though...just me.
    Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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      There's a beagle in the daycare room right next to my shop. Everyday all day he walks up to my door, sniffs and snuffles at the bottom of the door, and then proceeds to bay at my door all day long. Forget play with the other dogs, it's sooooo much more exciting barking at the door! Ugh.
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