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  • Spa package??

    A Few weeks ago my boss went to the pet expo in NJ and brought back some samples of this new shampoo. He also ordered a whole sample package of all their products. It's called Pet Aromatics. I love the shampoo! cleans really well, smells amazing, and leaves the coats soft and shiny. They also have aroma therapy candels and a paw treatment for cracked pads. We just got the package in today and tomorrow I'll try the paw stuff.

    I've been thinking of making up a spa package as an add on including the special shampoo, "massage time"in the tub, a "pedicure" (paw treatment and nail grinding), and a "facial" (using the spa lavish blueberry facial).

    I'm not sure how much extra to charge for this so people will want to try it...

    Do you think this is a good idea? have any of you used the Pet Aromatics line?

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    I have the spa packages and its working out great. at first customers laugh but then tey love the smell and decide to upgrade I have three packages to choose from they start at 7.00, 11.00 and 20.00 they ultimate i include facial,paw teethbrushing and dremel plus the shampoo,condtioner and sprtiz. I ve been giving away the facial just to get people intrested and it worked out I was fetured on our morning News plus our evening eye on the desert. plus our local magazine .