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  • What A Great Brother!!

    What a great brother I have! He works for a linen company, and yesterday when he came by, he brought me 2 bags of really nice towels, 20 in all! Seems the place that they were supposed to go to didn't need them! I sure did, tho. Some of mine were getting a little thin to say the least. Might be an idea to contact these places and get on their 'reject' list. These towels are great. Can't wait to use them!!
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    aww Karla that was nice of him!! must be nice to have a thoughtful family!! now its your turn to return the favor!! how sweet!!! enjoy the towels!
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      Brothers can be great.

      I'm so excited for mine he is getting married in june. He was a marine and is getting married in his dress blues. I alway get in troble for saying it but he is SO HOT in his blues. (i get in trouble for calling my own brother hot LOL)


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        that was very thoughtful of him. that reminded me of a customer i have. they run a bunch of high end resorts on sanibel. everytime she comes in i get a giant bag of towels. it's crazy. sometimes they have 1 tiny spot on them. and they are very plush. i have to admit, sometimes they are so perfect i bring them home and switch them out for some of my ****** towels!lol


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          That was a nice brother! I could use one of those, oh wait I have a brother! He lives out of state so he can't do nice things like that for me.
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