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Hair regrowth question

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  • Hair regrowth question

    I have an 8 to 10 year old, very soft coated Schnauzer who scratched herself raw getting out from under the bed. It's about the size of a 50 cent piece.
    The hair that is regrowing is awesome!!

    Can I shave her with a 30 or 40 & get the same result or does the skin actually have to be traumatized to change the coat?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Ahhh, don't we all wish that were the case? No - what happened to your dog was more handstripping than clippering. The hair was removed from the root. What replaced it was coarse hair. She can only regain coarse hair by handstripping. If she lets you, try stripping her out. You will see a big difference.


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      Unfortunately the skin does have to be injured for the hair to grow back like it originally was before clippering. The only other way to get that darker, coarser coat back would be to hand strip.
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        regrowth question

        It's been my experience in the past the the area has to actually be traumatized, but I'm no expert. I did have a groomer I worked with that shaved her mom's schnauzer regularly and used a 40 blade and I don't think there was a noticable change in coat - but you know every dog is different.


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          Thanks ya'll!

          I don't think it would be worth hand stripping - to me or her.



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            I used to groom a schnauzer that had to be done with a 40, per owner's request, and his coat didn't come back in coarser.

            However, I've also seen that type of coat change on dogs that were clipped with a 40 or 50 prior to surgery. The coat that grew back at the surgical site was darker and more wirey, at least for a while. Don't know if it was the clipping or the cutting that caused it, though. And it certainly didn't happen with every dog.


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              Actually, it is like hand stripping

              Your Schnauzer teeth stripped the spot, so it comes back like it was hand stripped. The only way to get the entire coat that way would be to let the fur grow long and literally pluck with a stripping knife bald. That would NOT be a pleasant experience and no doubt painful. I know Big AKC breeders and the one I got Halle from do it. The dogs are Champions and some retired. Then they go back to a show and have to be stripped for it. The day I got Halle he brought a very fluffy dog out of the back and was going to strip it. It may have been the first time, but the dog was full size. I think it is cruel. However, IF you strip as a pup, the fur get as they say, blown coat and it comes out easier than pulling grass from a lawn. That does NOT hurt. So when you buy a Schnauzer pup, you hav to decide if you want to clip or strip. Halle already had her first clip when I got her. The owner owns a grooming shop in Phoenix and AKC shows some weekends. Once clipped with clippers, stripping is not a good option later.Stripped have double coats, clipperd don't. Neither shed until the stripped is blown. Carding is necessary between. Some just get carded for entire show year, depends on coat.