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Best Customer Comment EVER!!! (Longish)

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  • Best Customer Comment EVER!!! (Longish)

    A lady came into our salon today to drop off her Shih Tzu 30 minutes late. The dog was matted to the skin all over including the tail and ears. She doesn't want him shaved down. Ok, we explained that she was going to have to be shaved, there just were no other options if she wanted us to groom her. First hurdle covered. She agreed and we told her it would be 4 to 5 hours before he was ready. She went ballistic. Said that was totally unreasonable and that she expected her to be ready in 90 minutes. She didn't want her to sit back there. We tried to explain that she wasnt going to be sitting in the cage long but there was a dog ahead of her and that it was going to take a lot of time to clip her due to the mats. She continued to complain and one of the other customers that was in the shop looked at the manager and said...

    "Sometimes you just have to sacrifice the customer. It is obvious that NOTHING you do is going to make her happy."

    We all wanted to give him a standing ovation. Of course the woman got mad and told him to mind his own business. She ended up leaving the dog and the manager did her but even giving her priority over the dogs that were there on time, it still took over 3 hours.

    Is it a full moon?

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    I just love it when customers tell other customers off.


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      I love 99% of my customers. And it's not my shop so I just grin and bear the other 1% but if it was my shop, I think that I would fire them. They never have anything good to say about the shop, the groomers or the dog's grooming and most of them are the ones that don't comb their dogs. They complain on the way in and on the way out no matter what you do for them. I am not sure that the stress is worth it.


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        Oh, when the other customer commented that nothing you do is going to make this woman happy, how could you resist the temptation?

        "You know, I think you're right." and turn to Ms. Cantbothertobursh "Ma'am, I'm terribly sorry, but I think you should find someone else to groom your dog. My cow died, so I don't need your bull."


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          rofl!!! thats a great one Helly!!!! 2 s up! HEHEHE


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            Helly --- I love your response!!!! Made me laugh.


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              i had a customer early on when i first went mobile. she had a nice little springer and i did exactly what she asked. i could tell she wasn't happy. about a year later, after she went through all the local shops, she called me again. i told her i wouldn't have an app't available for 6 months. keep in mind ,that i do her neighbors dog weekly. she was not happy, but i felt good not doing her dog.
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                Well, 1) she was late 2) she lets the dog get in THAT condition yet she has a problem with it staying in a kennel?

                I too think 5 hours is a long time, but if I were late, and my dog were in that condition, I'd think "Beggars can't be choosers." To each his own!

                Tammy in Utah
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                  Helly you crack me up, great come back!!! ROFL

                  I also think 4-5 hours is a long time for a matted Shih, but again I only do appts, I don't have other dogs waiting in to be groomed. That would have been a wet shave for sure!
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                    4-5 hours

                    It is a long time but our standard promise is 3 to 5 hours. We usually get them out sooner but it depends a lot on how many times we have to put them back in cages to answer phones, make appointments, answer questions, do walk in nail trims, check customers in and out, etc. Weekends are always the worst and instead of doing more dogs on weekends we all do less because it is so busy. And yes... this is a big box store salon.