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    All these posts today about bad customers reminded me of a bad customer I had about 15 yrs ago. There was this oay maybe tay at most samoyed that used to come in. Always a mess. no shave, demat, de-shed. They were clients of this shop for a few years. one time a new groomer did the dog and they called a few days later and said they weren't happy. the owner told them the next time they came in she would do the dog free of charge(Big Mistake) And by the way I had no idea about any of this at the time. 8 mths. later they call for an appt. Dog is usual mess. I spend hours on it. Owners friend comes to pick up dog. I say price $$$. He says "Hey man, I'm just picking the dog up. They told me it was free this time, so just pick it up." I said what??? No I'm sorry sir, this dog hasn't been in for 8 months. If they were not happy they could have brought the dog right back in and we would have fixed it, but after 8 months I'm sorry she must be paid for. He grabbed my arm trying to grab the dog. I took her back and put her back in a cage. I told him I'm calling the police right now. Tell your friend when he pays for his dog he can pick her up. And the guy ran out the door. I called the owner to ask her about this. She said yes she told them that, meaning to bring the dog in soon and we would do it again for free. She did not consider her wording carefully enough. Anyway the police came, the owner of dog came, owner of shop came, customer paid for dog and his mother trashed that shops name and the owner of the shop for the next several years. This woman went to the walk-in-clinic where the owner of the shop worked and told them they should fire this shop owner from her job!!! She was an x-ray tech. I have learned alot over the years and I am always very careful about my choice of wording. And we have forms for everything. Again this was a problem from a client that doesn't take care of their pet. Like I said in the other thread (What a customer) and I believe, they are the worst.....beware......and be prepared.

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    I agree...

    But I also think that as a general rule, most people are polite, but if they're rude, they're not usually cussing.

    I think we sometimes communicate in a way that causes the client great frustration---we really need to learn to be assertive in our jobs, and this is sometimes very hard for women to do. I still struggle with it on occasion, but most of the time I am very clear when I tell a client they are getting a shavedown, etc...

    Now, there are some real mental cases out there, but I think they are few and far between. If a client leaves KNOWING Fluffy will be short, most of them will accept it and be angry but not cuss you out. If they leave thinking (hoping?) they will return and Fluffy will still be fluffy, and come back to bald, they are going to hit the roof. We must be assertive or we're going to be walked on, cussed at, etc etc... JMO

    Tammy in Utah
    Groomers Helper Affiliate