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  • Contest is On and a TIP

    Be sure to read about the contest now going on.

    TIP: If you look to the right edge of your screen in the darker main title bar for each Category you see the little roofs, I call it that, looks like ^ and you can click those to roll-up and roll-down the forums inside each Category.

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    What? Where? You know most of us are computer challenged.


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      The contest forum is in the Intro to New Board Category. Note last word.

      There are Categories grouping Forums. When you first arrive here, or click the link above with underlined navigation. GroomerTALK and MobileGroomerTALK Community, that is the HOME PAGE of the board. There you see all the main Categories, with the forums inside them.

      That is the page were you will see the ^ symbol to roll up and down the Categories showing their forums inside each.


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        Each day I am learning more and more about this board:-)


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          This forum is so full of great new special features that I think a new book is in order to help us all figure them out. Hey, you could call it, "From Problems to Posting"! LOL


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            Stephen, those "roofs" are called "arrows" where I come from, LOL.

            Tammy in Utah

            Stephen Note: But the arrows are on the comma and period keys on a keyboard.
            Groomers Helper Affiliate


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              lol.. spikey
              Stephen for real people they're arrows, not roofs. Most of us are computer challenged. I'm sorry I'm laughing. I like the Quick Links one. I'm afraid to try the HYbrid mode.. I wish more would use the Talk Forums Category, the General Talk Page is way too big.