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    Brings me in a pomperian, not groomed for 6 months, but I brush it I'm told. The butt is a matted mess, ears, neck. Show customer with a comb how matted, I can not guarantee that I can get these matts out, that it will probably have to be shaved. I used Best Shot 1-2-3, I worked on an area for 20 min. maybe 3" by3" area getting nowhere, I had to take the dog done with a #7 & #4, left a mane round and shaped the throat and sides like a pomp. Boyfriend picks up dog, "wow" pays and leaves. Girl comes back a day later, calling me a f------B----,butcher, I scalped her dog. I had no right to do this. I told her it is called a brush and comb and if this would of been done regularly your dog would not of been shaved down. She continued to call me a f-------b----(which I kept my cool not swearing back) told her I have pictures of your dog with the matts(I just knew in my stomach this was going to be a pain in the a-- customer) and I saved the hair. Told me her dog was covered in blood, I stopped her right there and told her, the dog was not cut ever, there was no blood and if there was why did you not bring me your dog right back in? Still calling me names, says I abused her dog in my care, I said, stop right there, you know that is not true. Girl must of been 24 years old and apparently never been wrong. Screamed give me my money back, after all this I gave her money back, ask her to leave(which hide site)should of asked her to leave earlier, says I'll never be back, I couldn't take it any longer, smiled and said, good. Her last words, you f-------b----. What a day!

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    Some people are just animals. Please don't let this get to you although I'm sure it was traumatic. They have to blame someone for the way they care for their pets. I know you can look within and say I did my best. That's all you can do.

    I'm sure this customer of yours treats everyone that way, the car mechanic, sales help, etc. This is a child who was not taught by her parents even though it's no excuse for her behavior. Our society is a mess.

    I actually had a customer lie to me about her mini poodle. She told me it was a rescue, that's the kind of wreck it was. I shaved the dog with a muzzle. The whole time it was spinning, flailing, oh, it was awful. Now, 8 months later she's back. Can you groom my poodle? She's full of "you know what" and she knows it.


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      I would have though had her bring in the dog to show what is bleeding seeming concerned while stating you did not cut it. It sounds like they didn't take it to a Vet. Also it would have been a case where signing a release stating may need shaving due to condition as such would have helped.

      I had a situation like that at the Pet Shop. A solid matted Maltese. Owner brought it in, understood the need for shaving and signed to get it all cut off. It was so bad, it was one of the few times that the ears needed shaving off. Well the daughter comes in with Mom for pick-up. Similar young adult age. Screams, shouting: You Shaved My Dog. It looks ugly, etc. (actually looked kind of cute). She said she wouldn't even hold the dog. (I wanted to keep the dog, since she love for the dog was that superficial) She even said she wouldn't pet the dog for several weeks till it looked better.

      Well she carried on in the Pet Store with the Manager, and Yep, they refunded the money paid. I was angry, but the manager did give me my commission.

      There are some like that out there and also when you get the family member wishes/demands conflicts the groomer really does get stuck in the middle.

      Sorry, hopefully you do never hear from her again.
      Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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        You explained the situation to her; that it was so matted you may have to shave it. She had no business going off on you like that! Some people have no grip on reality- they allow the dog to get so matted, but accept no responsibility for their part in it. We aren't miracle workers! Hope you have a better day today.


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          re: Matted messes

          I have gotten to the point in my career if the dog is extremely matted I will make the owner sign an additional release BUT if I get any indications they will be trouble or that gut feeling or they go on and on how short is it going to be, why cant you brush him etc ...after you already explained everything to them, what is best for their dog etc, then I just refuse them. By the same token a habitual once a year matted mess I refuse, if they don't keep their dog brushed out. ...2 strikes your out! Its not worth the hassle, the time, the liability of peeling off matts, ten to one the dog is not good for grooming as it has not been groomed often enough. Then when you do peel off that coat the dog goes home, scratching and carrying on, gives itself sores, then the owner hits you with a vet bill screaming your ear off. There are too many spots that can be filled with good dogs, regulars every 8 weeks then the OAY dogs, and neglected messes.


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            I am to the point where all I can do is laugh at these people. That makes them pretty mad, though. LOL

            I'm sorry she treated you like that. The silver lining is she will never darken your doorstep again.


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              It has always been my opinion that these type of customers are always the biggest problems. The owner that does not take care of their pet but seems superficial in the fact that it can not be shaved or it will look ugly is the owner to "beware" of. Always look over the pet 1st. Always explain to them that to demat this it would cost xxx amount of $$$. And always have them sign a release if they say they will allow you to shave it. I used to have my biggest problems with people like when I was younger, but not anymore. Most people will not pay $$$$$ for a dog that would usually be $. But it is their decision so they can not then hold you liable and you do not have to refund the price for a dog that you just agonized over. I'm sorry you had a ****** day.


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                She sounds like a nutjob I had dealt with a few years back when I worked in a shop. This woman brings in a yorkie to be groomed. I notice there is paint all over this dog. She says, yes the dog got in the paint hence the need for the groom. I tell her I will have to shave the dog down as the paint clumped into the fur. She signs a release form we had at this place saying she understands the dog will be shaved down due matts.
                She later returns, pays and picks of dog and leaves. Next day a young woman comes in and starts screaming that I butchered her dog. I have no idea who she is until she says the dogs name. I told her that the owner was aware the dog had to be shaved due to it being full of dried up paint. She yells and screams shouting she is the owner of the dog and that lady was her boyfriends mother who doesn't know sh*t.
                I told her regardless, the woman who dropped the dog off understood what needed to be done. If there was an issue with that than I told the owner, she should have taken it up with her boyfriends mother. In the end I told her no matter where she took the dog they would have had to shave him because trying to pull out dried out paint on this dog would have been considered cruelty and I told her how sure I was she wouldn't want her dog hurt for the sake of having longer hair.
                She screamed the dog only had a little paint on him...bla bla the end she went to managment and they actually gave her her money back. The manager asked me why I didn't make it clear with her about the dog. I told her I had no idea that the woman who dropped the dog off was not even the owner and added she never said anything again adding the condition of the dog.
                The company did pay me for the dog but they lost out. Even though papers were signed and everything.

                Sometimes you get those that just want to scream. Its really so silly because I guess in the end they would rather you torture the dog and yourself to make the dog look pretty.


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                  Perhaps I will get myself in deep doo-doo for this, but why in the world do so many groomers put up with this kind of treatment? What other business do you think you could walk into and scream obscenities, and not get shown the door immediately? Some places would call the police, and rightly so.

                  I'll gladly discuss the situation with irrate or dissatisfied customers. I'll do my best to make things right, if possible. But scream or use foul language, and they're outta there.


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                    not to blame you but, why didn't you just call her and tell her the dog was so badly matted that it needed shaving down? why wasn't this all discussed prior to grooming the dog? This matter could have been totally avoided it those steps were taken first. ALWAYS ALWAYS have everything said and acknowledged up front BEFORE grooming. Take this as a lesson learned. your reputation is at stake. Her lack of class is no loss however, and I would not have refunded the money. I also would have shown her the door at the first foul word out of her mouth, followed by a 911 call if she refused. period.
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                      Originally posted by Helly View Post
                      Perhaps I will get myself in deep doo-doo for this, but why in the world do so many groomers put up with this kind of treatment? What other business do you think you could walk into and scream obscenities, and not get shown the door immediately? Some places would call the police, and rightly so.

                      I'll gladly discuss the situation with irrate or dissatisfied customers. I'll do my best to make things right, if possible. But scream or use foul language, and they're outta there.
                      I agree. It's completely innopropriate, and unprofessional. I'm all about customer service, and trying to do what I can to serve them, but when they are screaming and cursing in your face? No way.
                      Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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                        I have worked with the public for years and one thing I DO not put up with is verbal harrassmen, they moment they start they are asked to leave, if they refuse I call the police. Plain and simple.

                        I would not refund money just cause they are unhappy, I did the work, I get paid, (I have this thing with gettign
                        Some people are nutballs.


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                          No refunds, ever!!!!!!!!! Has anyone ever had a refunded customer return for grooming??? She's going to blast you in public to who ever will listen anyway, keep the money, you did the work.


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                            So sorry you had such a cr*ppy day! Now at least you know that you can face the client from hell and remain professional! :-)


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                              What you said and what the customer heard are two different things.

                              You said, "probably" have to be shaved, but that leaves the customer hearing, "Or maybe not" have to be shaved.

                              There needs to be a definite decision BEFORE the customer leaves. It is always better to send the customer home expecting to pick up a shaved dog only to find out you are a miracle worker and you were able to keep it in full coat, than to hear the customer say, "Do what you can" (and that always means "I know you'll leave it long because I expect it") and come back to pick the dog up and it's bald. In their eyes it's bald.

                              You learned a lesson the hard way---I really don't think you did anything horribly wrong, other than not being totally direct and clear that this dog WILL be shaved. If the same situation had happened to me, and I communicated the same way, the one thing I would have done differently would have been a phone call to the owner, "I have tried and tried to demat, but to no avail. I will have to shave it. He will be about 1/4" all over, as that is how close the mats are to the skin, and his hair will not be fluffy, but smooth." (Get that mental image in their head BEFOREHAND, LOL).

                              Sorry you got cussed at, I haven't yet had the pleasure of this type of experience, and I hope I never have to!

                              Tammy in Utah
                              Groomers Helper Affiliate