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excited, maybe this will work!!!

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  • sassylittlepoodle
    Good luck with everything. Can't wait to hear how its going so keep us posted.

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  • keachy18
    started a topic excited, maybe this will work!!!

    excited, maybe this will work!!!

    Well, I didnt know if the zoning was right for a home-based biz, and the guy I talked to at the zoning dept wasnt being helpful. So today I had to call the zoning people again to find out if we needed some kind of permit to put a fence in our yard (we dont which is good!!) and I figured I may as well ask this guy thinking maybe he could help me out. He said yes I can have a home based biz there are just regulations!!! I told my husband, regulations I can handle, at least I will finally get some answers so I can think up some kind of plan here be it home-based or mobile depending on what the regulations are exactly. So now I am getting excited, not too excited, mind u, but I am just hoping the news is good. I dont want to do alot of dogs a day as I have small kids here and they are my #1 priority right now, but I am pretty excited. So I will be picking u guys' brains here pretty soon, I am also trying to think of a good name for a business, so we will see!!