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  • Affenpinscher help

    I need some help with affie hc.The few I've done have been a tidy ups.She's a badly bred affie with a long silky coat.They want her shorten up but still wants her to look like a affie.I know the breeders and they have quite a few breeds but thier affies and yorkies are awful they have some very nice border terriers tho.Any suggestions on the hc appreciated

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    They are supposed to have a "monkey" face. The hair should be sticking up and out, so it resembles a monkey. It's pretty much the same cut as a Griffon, but the short back starts at the base of the skull right at the bump instead of at the neck.. Their hair shouldn't lay as smooth as the Griffon, it should be a little staticy looking. That's the best way I can describe it. The dog should look like it had it's tail stuck in a power socket. The hair on the back is also longer. I'm not talking about the Griffon with no head hair and only beard.

    I think I explained that right, I'm not sure...


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      Thanks Raggs the wanted her 2 inched all over and I used the thinning sheers to shape up her face.But get this he wanted me to leave the long hair on the back of her back paws (the hair grows to a point)he call it her spurs I was so tempted to cut it off.