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    Has anyone out there purchased the "cheaper" Pro Select modular cage bank from Pet Edge? Do you like it? Is it holding up well under normal use? Is it easy to clean? Do the dividers work well?

    I am also comparing this to the nicer and more expensive fiberglass and stainless steel units. What are your opinions?

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    I have the black fiberglass cages from Petedge and HATE THEM. First of all they did not arrive as show in the picture. They don't tell you that the cages are actually unfinished and there is fiberglass pieces sticking out all over the outside and look ugly.

    I have Snyder cages and am unhappy with them as well, have had them for 5 years and they are really looking USED and a few of them are starting to have hinge problems.

    I do have a Stainless Steel set from Shor-line and LOVE them!


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      I bought the ones from Ryans. Pet Edge's where backstocked. Ryans is pretty neat looking and easy to set up.


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        Do you mean the black metal ones? I think they are around $500. If so I have them and really like them. The only thing we did was put pieces of Lanolium (spelling) in each one which makes them easier to clean and the pets aren't laying on the actual rack. The dividers work well and you can move them around easily. I have had large dogs though get out of it. The doors are on springs so if you have to leave the area they are in I tie something around the doors just incase. That is the only thing I dislike.
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          We've had the black metal ones from PetEdge for almost 2 years and really like them especially the wheels since they are easily moved around for cleaning. We place cheap rag rugs in the crates for the dogs to lay on and also put puppy training pee pads in the removable tray for easy cleanup. My boxer who hates to be crated did break one of the spring latches on one of the cage doors the very first day though. PetEdge doesn't carry replacement parts though so I was very disappointed they couldn't get an extra latch or even another door. Other than that mishap they have been good.


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            I worked at a place that had the metal pro-select cages. She had very well-behaved dogs, regulars like crazy (1 to 6 week scheduled dogs and they were very used to their "habit" of being groomed), so these were perfect for her. She didn't use the cage grates, most of the dog's owners knew to "poop" their dogs before entering the salon. I'm not sure which fiberglass ones GracyRose is talking about, so maybe there are two different kinds. Now, I was only there for about 4 months during the time they used those kennels, so maybe they rusted since then, lol.

            I have these (you may have to type in your zipcode):

            THEY are the best. I bought them for $500 from the same person who uses the Pro-Select cages I mentioned above, and they are in EXCELLENT shape, and they were regularly $2159, so you bet I'm happy about my purchase. They're worth the $2159, in my opinion, though. I used them at another shop I worked at, and they were great then. They're SO easy to clean because there are no cracks/crevices inside of them, just smooth fiberglass, and the grate easily slides out, which is especially nice for dogs that are kennel shy---just pull the grate out, the dog backs up to the rear of the kennel, loop around the neck and slide that puppy right out.

            Tammy in Utah
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