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Akita and possible tainted food

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  • Akita and possible tainted food

    My 15 year old Akita with severe arthritis and cancer is now gone. She started to deteriorate extremely fast a couple weeks ago. She was going downhill so fast that her human took her in to get euthenized. She was being fed 2 of the brands of food that had been recalled. So there is speculation that she got the tainted food, and that's what caused her to go so fast. The owner doesn't want any tests done and she's not going to file any law suit or anything like that. They have actually been waiting for her to go. They are moving to Cali, but didn't want to move "Koko" with her being as old and frail as she was. It was about her time to go. So now they are off to Cali. The owners were sweet enough to call my work and ask if anyone wanted to come say goodbye to her before she was put down. I wasn't working that day or I would have. But both my bosses went to say bye. They had been watching and boarding that sweet girl since the time that her owners got her...

    I am just wondering if she really got the tainted food or if her body was just shutting down from the cancer. I mean she was 15 yrs old and had cancer for about a year (since they discovered it), possibly longer.