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  • Chat and Chat Calendar

    We are working on a new chat room which will use your registration info for this board as a convenience.

    Note there is a Calendar link above. There are 3 calendars, look for the JUMP setting to visit all 3. The Chat Calendar is for those of you that want to post a time to meet with others, so let people know you will be there for sure. That way you don't have to post a message here about your visit time to the Chat.

    We will add more rooms if they get too busy and you can specify which room. Organizations can arrange for a room too and post their regular meeting time on the calendar.

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    this is going to be fun, You guys are making it really easy to learn and have a ton of fun here.
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      chat room

      Is the new chat room ready? Or am I sitting in the old chat room waiting for someone to


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        I saw the feature but evey few minutes i figure things out and some i need to figure out. I need to find the signature section to put under my messages.

        (Stephen Note: Don't forget to read my tips in the Category Intro to New Board 2007 on main page of board. Signature, avatars, personal photo and plenty of other things you can do are in your Control Panel. That is the link in the top left with the CP for Control Panel, after you are fully registered).
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          Where is the chat room?


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            The chat room should be a busy place, considering how much time it seems we all spend on here! Is it ready yet?

            Stephen Note: The new one as I said is coming later. We have had a regular chat room for years. No reason to wait for new one.