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  • What did you do to my dog!

    Well, I had a fun day today. 6 yorkies, 1 scwt, 1 shih, 1 cockapoo.....All was going well when Mr. W. comes in for his yorkie, Gretta. A weekly fft in full coat.(Mr. W is one of my favorite clients. really nice man/ heavy german accent.Such a kind soul. His wife however, well I won't go there) Can you give me 10 minutes I say. Sure Laura I'll be right back. I finish Gretta & put her away. He's not back yet so I take my next dog out to finish up. Next thing I know Mr. W. comes in the door Oh No.....what did you do to Gretta? My wife is going to kill me. I didn't even realize this. I couldn't have planned it any better if I wanted to. But the little dog I was doing was a yorkie about the same size as Gretta but it had a 7f a/o. So with a smirk on my face I casually walked over and got Gretta out of the cage and handed her to Mr. W. With a great sigh of relief he said, " Oh my gosh I thought that was Gretta. I wouldn't be able to go home. lol we know who wears the pants in that house!

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    Reading your heading I thought you had really made a big mistake on some poor little doggie, but no, you just gave the man an almost heart attack!!!!! Would have LOVED to see that guys face when he saw the wrong dog.
    "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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      Too funny! I think it's funny when an owner comes in and thinks you're working on their dog and it's someone elses. I would know my dog anywhere.


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        That's so funny! But it reminds me of a time when we actually shaved a dog that wasn't supposed to be! We always did a bath and face, rear, belly, feet trim, but another groomer pulled the dog out and shaved it. Turned out mom LOVED it, and requests it!
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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          I work at a boarding kennel so I groom dogs that are going home that day. There were 2 goldens on my book. One for a bath and one for a shave. You guessed it. Wasn't my fault at all. Whoever checked them in initially forgot to put their cards on their kennels, so no one knew which was which. "bath" had "shave"'s name and "shave" didn't have a card at all. BUT the dry erase board telling where everyone was clearly stated "shave"'s name in what turned out to be "bath"'s kennel. Confused yet? SO! Since 2 different sources told me that "shave" was in kennel 2 and "bath" was in kennel 1, I just went out and grabbed "shave" and started shaving. Halfway through shaving, my boss enters and says that's not "shave". I said yes it is, said so on the board. She said no it's not. I went out and grabbed the board and showed her. Then I went out and grabbed the REAL "shave"'s card which said "bath"'s name. Not my fault one ounce, but I was p***ed as HELL. So were the accidentally shaved golden's parents.

          Yay kennel kids....oh so reliable.


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            Thats cute. If i knew the client well i would have had fun with it.
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              Re: What Did You Do...

              Along that same thread, I was grooming a black mini poodle when a lady and her daughter came into our salon and stood at the desk making faces and talking to the dog I was finishing up, I asked them if it was thier dog and they said yes. I was just finishing the teddy face and the woman said she wanted me to do a clean face instead, so I shaved it, and as soon as I finished, the woman called the dog's name and it was the first black mini I'd done that belonged to her, not the one on my table. I was so mad, I just put the dog up and kept my mouth shut. I never heard from the owner of the other poodle but was told she never even questioned why the face was clean instead of a teddy face. Some people!