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    Hey I usually just lurk but I am having a dilema.....I am in the process of looking for a groomer. I am going to be having a baby in early Sept (a little sooner than we had planned) and I am looking for someone that can work with me now and then take over for 6 wks or so while I am out. My shop is still growing (only been open 11 months) I am currently booking 10 to 15 dogs durring the week and 20 to 30 on Sat. What I would like to do is hire a full time groomer and a part time bather to bathe, prep work and receptionist duties on busier days and then full time when I go on leave. I am wondering what groomers generally make and how they are paid? What does an average groomer take home at the end of the week? I would like to pay them hourly since they will have a lot more responsibility. I was considering giving them a bonus at the end of my leave that was a percentage of what the shop brought in as an incentive. I have talked to a few groomers but I hear everything from 8 an hour to 60% commission and 250 rent for a table? I only worked at two other places before I opened my shop and I was underpaid $8 an hour for 30 to 50 dogs with a bather. I also worked a 60 hour week with no over time....I do not want to screw my new employee like that! So how much is enough? What should a groomer take home at the end of the week for about 55-60 dogs a week and not bathing or doing any receptionist work? Thanks!

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    Serious questions...have you read the book From Problems to Profits? Might give you some ideas.

    I suggest you contact your accountant and see if you csn afford an as the owner will have a drop in pay for sure, as you need to keep your employees happy and working. Slow times means low income for the owner.

    Can you afford the cost of employees? their pay + matching funds + insurance + workmans comp + additional products used...and the costs just goes up....and if paying commission that all comes out of your half of the %, because they get their full half - deductions...(typically a shop owner gets about 19% of that 50% half after they match funds and pay all the other things)


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      A groomer , bather, and receptionist for 62 dogs a week? you're not gointo gross anything! Pay the bather 1.50 more an hour and out her in charge of phones!