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How do you fire a client?

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  • How do you fire a client?

    I have several clients I need to get rid off. Some are cheap, some have bad dogs, some have bad owners. I am busy enough and need to eliminate some clients, but how do you do it with out hurting feelings or making someone mad at you causing them to talk about you in the community? Does anyone have any ideas?

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    if they have bad dogs, i explain that sometimes a dog needs more than one pair of hands for the safety of the dog. as you work alone it would be better for the dog to be in a shop with multiple groomers. and no due to insurance reasons the owner can not stay and help.
    another excuse is that i have arthritis/carpal tunnel/ rotor cuff/bad back/whatever medical reason you can think of. your doctor reccommends you either cut back/ don't do specific dogs for that reason. i used arthritis in the wrist to get rid of a wheaton terrier.
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      When they call just tell them you are booked for 4 months. I'm about ready to do that.



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        I've told the real cheapos that had bad dogs that I didn't want to do anymore that we had to raise the price on their pet by some ridiculous amount that I knew they weren't going to pay because of the time that it took to complete their pet. I also do this when someone new calls with a pet that I know I don't want to groom. "Hi, I have a cocker that's a bit hard to handle and poops all over the table, blah, blah , much do you charge? Ten gazillion dollars!!lol hey it works for me


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          Dear Mrs Jones,
          This letter is to inform you that Shaggy Shack can no longer provide your pet with grooming services. Included is a list of local grooming shops that may be able to assisit you in caring for "fluffy". I hope you can fgind a place that is able to provide the level of service you require.

          A. Groomer

          Paws and Effect 555-5555

          Cutting room 555-5555