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    I had the funniest dream last night which I must share. Please don't think I have lost my marbles! But I do think I may need a shrink!

    Tom Cruise was my new BF (been married 27 years, mind you) and he was working at the Natures Specialties booth selling shampoos at Intergroom. He was telling everyone that you buy 4 gallons, get 1 free. (This must have been in my subconsious as this message was left on my voice mail). Also- I was looking forward to that evening because Tom and I were going to make whoopie!

    I'm a little scared to post this but believe me, I am a well adjusted human being. The funny part is I don't even really like Tom Cruise!

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    I think it's funny. I have had dreams like that. Almost like your brain puts together things encountered in your day in a weird way - shampoo and Tom Cruise.

    The funniest grooming related dream I had was around the holidays. I was working like crazy. I dreamed I was making Thanksgiving dinner for my family and friends and I opened the oven to pull out the turkey and there was a roasting pan with three cocker spaniels in it (all alive and well). Way too much working!


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      That is hillarious! Thanks for sharing. I thought at the end you were going to say that you love Tom Cruise.

      I have tons on crazy dreams, but no guts to share lol


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        That was funny. If I had that dream it would be called a nightmare. lol Sleeping or even bening with Tom Cruise is just gross. If it was a Patrick Dempsey oh boy it would be like winning the lottery!


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          Happens a lot I think. I've had dreams of having Roseanne Barr and Orson Wells as my beloveds. What was my brain thinking. I enjoy dreams, much more fun than TV. I thought that was so funny with the Cocker Spaniels in the Turkey pan, so glad that you added alive and well, my first thought was Oh No.

          Thanks for sharing. You'll have to tell whoever at Natures Specialties.
          Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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            I used to have the same dream. I shaved a cat that was supposed to be a b&b. I had this same dream for about 3 years. Then it happened. I had a flat in the morning. Another groomer brings my cat in. When I get there I say what did she want done this time. Groomer says same as last time. Lion cut. When the woman came in and saw her cat she immediately started to cry! OOPS! I'm bad.....The funny thing was, and I swear this is no lie.I never had that dream again.