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    Ok,I have done sooo much research, and reading, and seeing this product and finally.... at the Groom Expo in Kansas City this past weekend, I purchased the starter kit.Well, I tried it out today for the first time today, and I am really wondering if I made a mistake,or if I am just not using it correctly or what. I tried it on 3 diff. dogs and just wasnt THAT impressed. They are still able to move all over the place with their backends and well, I just dont know. I have read everyones great comments on this product over all these posts and even read Chucks, and even spoke to him at the expo, but I guess I feel a little disheartened. I have watched the video and all but someone please...... help!!!

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    well, i for one understand what you are saying, i have one and find it is useful, like for doing back nails, on the pita puppies, but for the most part i hardly ever use it, i still have to adjust their butts, and to me it is easier to do with just a loop on them. i have used it with biters, and it does help then.


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      I haven't had the GH for very long either. I'm learning with it. Yes the dogs still move around a bit but I don't have the movement like I use to. On some of them it seems like once it is on they realize they have to act better, they aren't going to get away from me. I have actually saved a little time with some of the grooms I had done, in not having to chase the dogs around the table. I haven't really used it on my big spinners yet, they are coming up in the next few weeks, then I'll really know how well it works.
      I have found it a little difficult with the smaller dogs, like the Yorkies, Shih but I'm guessing that is because I'm not all that use to it, and I'm doing the dogs on a reg grooming table that does adjust in height, I have to get a chair to sit on to get down to them. So I'm learning how to use the GH and learning how to groom sitting down, two new things I'm trying to learn.
      I have had to watch the dvd a couple of times because I was using it the wrong way. When I use it the right way it works out a lot better. It would have been a lot nicer to see Chuck using a real dog through out the whole demo instead of a stuffed dog, that sit still and behave.
      I'm finding with the short legged dogs, they can still get to my hands, fingers and chew, bite, so I still muzzle them. I did have one dog the other day that I could not do the nails, a Shih, she just freaked out when I went to do the front nails, so I didn't do them until the owner was there to hold her. She did much better than.
      But I am happy with it and it helps with the sitters, I'm not so worn out when I have one of those anymore.
      Like everything, I guess it takes time to learn how to work with it, and I'm still learning too.
      "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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        love mine

        I love mine.I have a wgnt so the grooming arms are on the back of the table .I have a gh on each arm it keeps the dogs from turning around to look out of the favorite part of the gh is the noose I love being able to unsnap it under their necks most of my dogs know that when I put their collars on it's time to go home so there no more fighting to get the grooming noose over their heads.


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          I thought the same way as you do when I first got mine. I emailed Chuck, and he gave me some pointers which really helped. Now that I am used to it, I couldn't imagine working w/out it. My biggest aggravation at first was working w/the loop. It just seems so big and awkward and trying to get around the dogs head and neck was a PITA! Just remember to use the least amount of restraint for each dog, and if you have a dog that doesn't need the extra tether, then don't use it, just use the loop. Keep practicing and you will come to find it a very helpful tool, but like all tools you have to use it right and you need to get used to it.
          SheilaB from SC


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            You may want to try a second arm on your table so that you can hitch the back end up as well. The deluxe set of GH includes additional pieces that allow you to secure that roving back end. Also, if you are finding that the head is still bopping around, you need to hitch the head up higher.


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              I felt the same way you do, in fact sometimes I still feel like I must be doing something wrong. I have only had the GH for about a mos now, not even really. But I had a husky here the other day and she always sits!! And I think she must be part cat because she always wants her front feet gripping the edge of the table. This time she started to sit, but once she realized that wasnt going to work she just stood there. Now the one thing she does that bothers me is she is a leaner. Instead of sitting she just wants to lean on me. If she isnt leaning on me she is leaning on the grooming arms. And she is strong too!! She is a good girl, just a sucker for attention. Not sure what to do about the leaning. I just push her away for now, lol.


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                I have no desire to have one myself. I have seen the video's and using common sense I see different handling techniques used on the same dog in the videos. Yes it looks like a major difference but once you take the handling technique into consideration you realize what is happenning. The GH is good for people who work alone and have a dog they need to keep confined on the table. A good slip knot to tie a leashed dog to the pole does the same thing. I have used that trick before. For a good many years of my career I worked alone and found different techniques that work for me. I know a lot of people use the GH but I myself probably would not. I have also seen it used improperly and that also concerned me as to why with training techniques in connection with the product the person in question failed to use it in the proper way.

                If you find you are not comfortable call it quits not every piece of equipment on the market is for ever groomer out there.


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                  Without nailing their feet to the table, ain't no way that dog will stand completely still. The starter set is not made to hold their rear ends still, it is to keep you from being bitten (first), and it is to keep them from spinning (second), it does a few more little tricks here and there, but it depends on the dog. Your SAFETY comes first, however, and that is the purpose of it.

                  If your dog moves its rear end ,are you near a wall? I've found that moving the table away from the wall helps with that, and I'm able to walk around the table. If they still do it, I put the table up against the wall and then put something long, like a box or a clean plastic container the size of a garbage pale between the dog and the wall---then suddenly they stand still.

                  Tammy in Utah
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