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    Hey everyone, I have been put in charge of getting donations for our local 4-H dog project. This is my first year back in the county and in the past they have had a hard time finding any of the major companys to donate. I have contacted Purina and they are going to call me back, Iams said no way they do not donate anymore. I do not know who else to try. We are a very small town and do not have but only 1 vet and they do not carry food or any ther donatable product. I was even looking for coupons for advantix or frontline or even tote bags, things along that line. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks Very Much For Your Help!!!

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    help anyone

    Have you tried Walmart, they are huge and I know from working with our HOA that they do give donations. Just contact the mgr and he/she will help you from there. Banks also will help, they usually are community orientated. Grocery stores. These places, except the banks, carry some kind of pet products.



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      Contact Eagle Pack!!!!

      They support local groups and I'm sure they would be WAY happy to help you out! They even have T-shirts and Hats they might be willing to donate (as well as food and possibly samples).
      If your small town has alot of hunters and such, you may want to try some of the food company's that hunters support. To name a few, Diamond, Black Gold, The Pride, and Joy. There are many others, but can't think of them at the moment.

      You might also want to try some of the companies that make shampoo's and such. Contact Pet Edge, Jeffers, Ryans,etc. and see if they can offer you some stuff or coupons for purchases.

      4-H is a great project and I'm sure some of these places would be happy to donate. Contact the AKC as well. They have a WHOLE TON of stuff, like breed coloring books, hats, totes, etc and they are big into community outreach. They might even be willing to send a rep to your event.

      I would also contact the red cross and maybe they can do a demo of canine first aid and cpr for you. They fire department is always a good choice. They can show people how they resussitate (sp) pets when they have been rescued from a fire. Contact your local animal control to talk about rabies and why it's so important to vaccinate and the laws pertaining to dog bites. They can also tell what to look out for when you encounter a wild animal.

      Gosh, I could have a fun time organizing something like this

      Oh, you could also see if you can locate a training facillity or agility club or something like that. They could do demo's or a mini workshop! That would really get kids involved.

      Good luck to you! You'll have a ball (after all the stress of organizing it, lol)


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        Pedigree just had a huge ad campaign on during Westminster. They were trying to help shelter dogs get adopted. You may want to try them. I have also heard that Little Ceasars gives out samples too. Maybe you want to target one of the lesser known brands to get their name out...


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          From working at a vet, I know that merial and bayer along with most major drug reps. give out tons of free products to the people that work at a vets offices. If you know the vet ask them for their reps name and number. They maybe able to help you unless they have given away their alotment of free product, but its the start of the new year so they should have plenty. If you cant ask the vet then call the customer service number on the packaging for frontline or bayer. You may have to ask to speak to a manager but maybe they could help? You could see if they would donate you some of their puppy kits that normally have a sample of frontline or advantage(depending on who you call), coupons and a totebag.
          IVD brand dog food (they also make ROYAL CANIN) also was good about giving out pens, sample packs of food and freebie stuff)

          good luck!


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            You could also try your bank. When I opened a not for profit account they offered donations. There is usually a certain division in your bank that offers donations. I would ask.