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Found out from Hills today (recall)

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  • Found out from Hills today (recall)

    Our Hills rep today told our hospital that any animals who were eating the 2 foods that they recalled can be reimbursed $100 for tests to make sure their pet is ok. Now Im not sure if the vet has to recommend the testing or not but I thought Id put it out here incase any of you or your clients were using either of those 2 diets. Hey $100 saved is $100 bucks saved right?

    They also said that that cat food they recalled was the ONLY food they make that was outsourced (because it needed some special piece of equipment to make) and that the Dry MD is the only food they make that has the wheat Gluton. For medical/nutritional reasons they needed the wheat gluton as a binding ingredient. No other diet of theres should be at risk...

    Of course now we hear about the Natural balance food with contaminated rice Gluton. I swear to god, its almost like someone is doing this on purpose!..

    Oops. PS. for those that dont know, Hills is Sciene Diet