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    Menu Foods Adds Natural Life to Dog Food Recall List
    Menu Foods continues to add to the recall list. This time, they are adding Natural Life (not Natural Balance) to the list of wet dog food recalled. There were also changes in recall dates of formulas and brands already covered under the expanded recall.

    Please note that this is a separate additional recall expansion to Natural Balance venison products. Yes, an eerie coincidence. Natural Life is being recalled by Menu Foods due to melamine in wheat gluten. Natural Balance (not made by Menu Foods) is being recalled due to melamine in rice protein concentrate.

    Natural Life was previously not covered under the recall, but was pulled by Kroger grocery stores because they pulled all Menu Foods produced items.

    (Thanks to reader comments.)
    Full release after the jump.

    April 17, 2007

    Menu Foods Refines Recall List

    TORONTO, ONTARIO–(April 17, 2007) - Menu Foods

    Attention Business/Financial Editors

    Menu Foods has previously recalled wet cat and dog food produced with adulterated wheat gluten supplied by ChemNutra Inc. Over the past several days, Menu Foods continued a detailed analysis of production records at its Emporia, Kansas, plant as part of the US Food and Drug Administration’s ongoing investigation of this adulterated wheat gluten. As a result of this work, Menu Foods advises the public:

    - One additional item has been added to the recall list and is shown below

    - Two additional production dates of eight varieties of pet food have been added to the recall list. These eight varieties of pet food had previously been withdrawn from the market and should already be off the retailer shelves.

    An updated list of the recalled products, including this addition, is available at the Menu Foods website at

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    Look For This Date On The Bottom of Can or Back of Pouch
    Natural Life | Nov/22/09 | Vegetarian 13.2oz | Can | 13.2oz | 12344-07114

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