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Can't attend Intergroom until Sunday Question

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  • Can't attend Intergroom until Sunday Question

    Since I will not get to Intergroom until Sunday around noon, will most of the stuff be gone? Gosh I'm so excited to get there!

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    While I've never been to Intergroom, most tradeshows do sell quite a bit on the first day of the show, BUT the last day is when the real DEALS start.... Especially where the big, heavy items are concerned, the vendors don't want to haul it all back, so they are willing to make deals with you....


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      This will be my third time to Intergroom. I've never noticed anything being sold out on Sunday. There are so many vendors and so much of everything....I don't think you have anything to worry about.


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        when i was at superzoo in vegas last year, the vendors were giving everything away that was not nailed down. it was too bad i couldn't get more in my siutcase for the flight home. but i will be there on friday (intergroom). i'll try to save some stuff for you.
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          Good morning. This will be my first time attending Intergroom and I'm so excited. Silly question, do you have to buy tickets or anything to attend?


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            Intergroom is April 21-23 so Sunday is only the second day.