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  • Help me w/plan of action

    Today I got called up front to speak with an owner. Their dog is boarding and they want him groomed on Saturday.

    I went up and see a walking mat of a samoyed, pick up the file decorated with "will bite" stickers, they inform me that they want a bath and sanitary trim....HAH!

    I told them that there was no way to brush the coat out and it would be very uncomfortable to bathe him and let it dry because it will just tighten up against his skin. After much deliberation, they consented. I also had her sign a consent to sedate because I remember the dog from before when I almost had them sedate it for the sanitary and bath alone.

    So I am thinking about several options to get the dog done by the end of the day Saturday.

    1. Shave as much as he tolerates each day, bathe and finish clipping on Saturday, sedating as needed.

    2. Shave completely with sedation if needed sometime during the week, bathe and finish clipping on Saturday.

    3. Do it all on Fri night or Sat

    I know, I'm preclipping him, but there's no way I'm bathing that mess first especially if he might (probably) need(s) to be sedated. I don't want to bathe him until Fri night or Sat because he's boarding and is likely to step in poo and finger paint. I know it sounds like I'm assuming he'll need to be sedated, but he can be very ornery, he wiggled his lips at me when I was petting him and (gently) feeling the mats.

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    matted mess

    i would deffiently get permission to sedate him and then i would do all of what needs to be done an fri or sat good luck


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      Why not shave him now and bathe and finish clip on Sat????


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        Poor You

        First I would like to say I'm sorry. Second, I would sedate him and groom him all at once, just because I don't like having to sedate a dog.Third..........Oh heck who am I kidding I would just call in sick with a terrible 24hr virus!lol jk whatever you choose, good luck


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          I'd go with plan 3 why take the chance on being bit.I learned the hard way.


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            I would try and see if he would let you do little bits at a time(with proper restraint of course). He might have a limit- I'll let you work on me for so long than thats it. In that case a little at a time would work best. OR he will be I just won't let you do anything peroid. then I would wait and do I all in one shabang. But test it out at least then you know. Good luck. I know he will apreciate it in spite of himself. Stay safe


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              I think I would try to do it all at once.

              Can you find or ask someone to help you with the shaving, brushing,
              nails, etc? It would make this rather unpleasant sounding job go so much quicker.

              I got a chuckle out of the wiggling lips.....Just be careful, I'm sure this dog wouldn't hesitate to bite you.


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                I look at it this way.

                IF you start and then stop when he gets tired of it, he is calling the shots.
                He will understand this in short order.

                IF it were me, I would do him all at once and get it overwith for both of you.

                I think upsetting him over and over would just make him hate it more.


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                  lol Goldi, I appreciate the sympathy!

                  After reading your guys' advice so far, here is what I think I'll do. Friday AM, get him out do what I can with the GH and wishful thinking. When he gets too upset, (assuming he does) put him away to calm down and do other grooms. After he calms down, have him sedated to finish what I started.

                  Lets HOPE the GH will save me the hassel of needing to sedate, but I remember him from before, it took two (human) helpers and me shaving just to do a bath/sani on him before.


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                    Strip him Friday, bathe him & kennel dry him on Saturday. I am not "into" kennel drying but if that is what it takes to keep YOU safe, then do it. He'll dry pretty quickly anyway.

                    I'm glad you told the owners directly what "style" options they had, because the reality is with a dog like that, you just can't let people have it all.

                    Tammy in Utah
                    Groomers Helper Affiliate