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Is grooming career really for me??

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  • Is grooming career really for me??

    I LOVE animals and have toyed with the idea of getting into the Veterinary world, but can't stand the bad side. I have two dogs that I groom regularly and enjoy it very much. My only problem is that I have allergies to pet dander. With the exception of horse, most can be tolerated very well -- only causing slight irritation. I was wondering if I could still enter the grooming career and bypass the allergy irratation with exhaust fans, vetilation, masks, etc. In your opinion, would that be feasible??

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    Fans, masks, ventilation, air cleaners would all be beneficial in controlling allergies, but only your body knows for sure. Some people can hack it, some can't.

    But I feel you should be warned; even in grooming, you'll see the "bad stuff". If you read enough on this site, you'll find discussions of grossly infected ears, anal gland abcesses, burst cysts, dog's with imbedded collars, dog's with maggots, and loads of other stuff.

    Not only do you need a strong body to be a groomer, you need a strong stomach. And a morbid sense of humor doesn't hurt, either.


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      Alot of groomers seem to have all types of allergies, me included. I use a clippervac and have a large air purifier and wear masks when I am bothered. I don't seem to have alot of issues with it. Some dogs are worse than other though and do bother me.


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        First let me ask you this, do you have standard grooming equipment already? Shears, Clippers, Combs, Brushes, ect.... If so then I would say that maybe you should just try it and see. Make sure you wear a mask, have windows open if possible, use a large room and do not use a HV dyer only a cage dryer. This will lessen the hair that goes into the air. A clipper vac system would help as well, but they are very $$ if you only want to try and see if you can stand the hair. If you love animals and want to work with them and grooming is not for you have you thought of training? There are many seminars and books that you can go to and read and give obedience lessons. If you learn enough you can even go to AKC website and apply for to be a CGC (Good Canine Citizen) evaluator and go to 4-H shows, open shows, or just have your own classes and offer the test at the end. There are many areas of the animal feild so if grooming is not for you check out something else that doesn't require so much hair. LOL
        I hope this was helpful.


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          Try doggie daycare or I nice dog park!


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            See if you can job shadow somewhere for a week. Doing this during allergy season would be optimal. I have alot of allergies; animals aren't one of them, but I do find all the blowing hair can aggrivate when I have hayfever. Use a mask. If at the end of the week you can't wait to get grooming, then try it. Or you may find out it's not your thing. Good luck to you!