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  • Recirculating bathing machines

    I have never seen one in person nor do I know much about them. My question is.. If the pump is in the water below the dog and is recirculating that water, when and where do you drain the anal glands? Or do you?

    Right now I have the garden sparyer and I think that works just fine for a fraction of the cost!

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    I do my anal glands into a paper towel after I have he dog all soapy while I am letting the water drain. Then I rinse and put a dime of shampoo back there to make sure it is clean. I believe the Hanvey website has a video of the bathing beauty in action.
    You say you have a garden sprayer? Well how much time do you spend wetting the dog before you apply shampoo? With out a Recirculating machine you spend much longer wetting and soaping up a dog. I can wet a husky or a golden down to the skin in about 30 seconds and they are soapy too. Then I spend 10 minutes spraying the seltzer over the dog "compare to scrubbing". Then I spend less time rinsing because I only used an ounce or two of shampoo. Where as with out you would have to use half a cup of shampoo or more. So it saves you a ton of money on shampoo. You can wash dishes with out a dish washer too but who wants too IMO! Very great invention. I recommend the pro bather from pet edge best deal for you money.


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      I've used the prima before and loved it but I think it runs around a $1000.


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        my way -using a recirc bathing RB pump

        If I do the anal glands, I do them after I put the facial solution on the face.

        Here's the order.

        I place dog onto an aerobic exercise step (that fits perfectly into my tub & the price was right) so he's not standing in the water.

        Pour a small amt of tearless shampoo, bluberry facial or whatever into a mixing bottle 1/2 filled with water. Swirl to mix.
        Squeeze mix onto the dog's face & let that soak in.

        Do anals. Rinse. Or if I make a mess, I wash with shampoo (Sometimes left from the facial), then rinse away. Rinse tub if needed.

        Plug tub. Let tub fill with about 2" of water. Pour a tablespoon of selected shampoo right from the gallon into the water making a line not a blob.
        Turn on (recirc bathing -RB) pump. Put nozzle right at the skin, not holding it up above the hair. Start washing. When he's squeakin clean, pull the plug to drain the water from the tub. Turn off the RB pump before it sucks itself dry.

        Turn on faucet so some water runs into the tub removing the remaining suds, while I use my plastic flea comb to remove eye matter.
        Rinse the dog super well. Clean ears with ear cleaner, causing the dog to shake removing some water before conditioning.

        I use conditioner thru my RB pump as well. Just make sure you run the shampoo mix that's still in the hose, out. I have a bucket to do this in. And make sure the tub is rinsed too. I want to make sure I'm not putting any shampoo back on my rinsed clean dog.

        Rinse off conditioner if necessary.

        If you have a lot of suds you are using too much shampoo. It takes a very small amount.

        I used to use only "clean" water in an 8 gallon bucket seperate from my tub. I told Barbra Bird this & she corrected me. (She's literally written a book on shampoo & cleaning dogs) And really the dogs are just cleaner than clean, cause all the shampoo that still has the molecules left to hold onto dirt can grab their fill instead of going down the drain with their mouth empty. Think of them as little pac (wo)men.

        It really is amazing!!
        I USED to have a smelly Golden (client) who gets weekly baths. What a difference!!

        Questions? Comments? Concerns?


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          Originally posted by K-9 Designs View Post
          I've used the prima before and loved it but I think it runs around a $1000.

          I've used the Prima before and it doesn't even compare to a recirculating bather. I have the Bathing Beauty in my van and I love it.



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            Originally posted by K-9 Designs View Post
            I have never seen one in person nor do I know much about them. My question is.. If the pump is in the water below the dog and is recirculating that water, when and where do you drain the anal glands? Or do you?

            Right now I have the garden sparyer and I think that works just fine for a fraction of the cost!
            The best way to do anals is the paper towle way or after you bath right before you drain the water express it then wash that area then drain your water and rinse. And I thinK you should check out the Luxury Spa It's the best price and the same product.


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              We do it after the soak and before the rinse. Then I take some soap suds and wash the area.


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                I do them last, soap up the bum, pull the plug and then rinse.


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                  I don't have that problem. I don't do anals...I send them to have it done at the vets. If I do have to do it, its 10.00 extra, the vet charges 13.00 for internal.
                  I have the hydro surge wall mount. it mixes and soaps at the same time. Has cut my shampoo ordering wayyyyyy down. saves soo much money and so much cleaner. I used to have the in tub, but with this one, the time saved is worth its weight in gold!


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                    bathing machines

                    Back on the old forum (?) there were instructions on how to build your own. Home Depot carries all the parts- 1/6 HP sump pump, hose, clamps- we built our own and it cost us a little over $100 each. They work great- I can't imagine washing dogs by hand!

                    We also put a Y valve on the faucet, so I have a sprayer for rinsing attached to one side and an open spout for filling the tub on the other. They each have a cutoff valve so the water temp can be regulated and then you will rinse the dog with the same temp water! This is important as we have self service and we don't want any burned dogs...we start the bath for them while we are instructing them on using the equipment.

                    It takes about 15 minutes tops to wash and rinse the biggest, hairiest dogs and we use very little shampoo.


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                      I read somewhere, that the recirculating forces dirty water into the hair folicals causing bacteria to grow and skin infections (mostley on their backs) a day or two later. Has anyone heard of this? It's seems like a very serious situation.


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                        pupups what someone can come up with. Forcing dirty water in Folicles? I suppose those people would separate all the hairs and wash 5 or 6 hairs at a time, so as not to get the dirty shampoo on the other hairs. I don't think that there is any way there would be problems with a recirulating system as long as the dog is rinsed clear and the system is kept clean.

                        I've started grooming a thick coated Pembroke Welsh Corgi, covering for a groomer who had to go on a leave. The dog has had skin problems, hot spots every time in the past. They have me use their Vet prescribed special sulfur/peroxide shampoo, and it gets bathed every 2 weeks. I took over a couple of months ago, same shampoo as a long time in the past, but using my Bathing Beauty. Bathed it again today. Not a skin problem spot anywhere on that luxurious coated Corgi for over a month. Glowingly healthy. The skin gets cleaned, not just the outside.
                        Money will buy you a pretty good dog but it won't buy the wag of it's tail.


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                          Do you drain the tub after each dog?

                          Why do you use paper towels for the anal glands to me that sounds like a waste of paper towels and the smell stays in the area/shop until the trash is taken out. Right?


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                            I don't use one. I only read an artical about it in the groomer to groomer mag. It 's called ( or to give it a name) Furunculos. It talks about using water that has been contaminated. Wheather it is recirculated or sponged on. I'm not an expert on the subject.