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    We all have been talking about how many dogs per day people can do but here is what I am wondering.
    How many dogs per day do you normally do? How many years experiece do you have? What equipment do you use?

    Right now it has been 2 1/2 months since I finished school and started grooming full time.
    I can do comfortably 4 dogs a day.
    I have nothing fancy, no bath system, little Metro Air Commander dryer, small stand dryer, I have homemade cage dryers made from furnace blowers (no heat just large fans basically). No clipper vac system. My equipment is very basic. But I have ordered a K9III that should come in this week or next. Hubby is building me a recirc bath system in a couple of weeks, I just got a new dehumdifier to help with the lack of airflow and humidity in the shop.
    I am still working on some organzation for the shop so things will run smoother, I want to be able to find everything easier.
    And I have no help.

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    Until your shampoo system is built use a farm/garden sprayer (I call them bug sprayers) a 2 or 3 gallon sprayer that you pump to create pressure. This is what I use and I just bought another one at Lowes for 29.00.

    There are a few goomers on here that have made their own hydraulic tables for almost nothing.

    I got my workstation a Lowes which has a 2ft x 4ft top, peg board back to hang tools, 4 drawers for storage, a shelf on bottom, and a small shelf on top. It was a pain in the butt to put together, but it was only $150.

    You'll LOVE your K-9III!


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      I forgot I have 7 years experience and I can do 8-9 full grooms in about 9 hrs that working 7am to 4 pm.


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        Equipment: Hydrosurgs, cage dryers, stand dryers, H.V. dryers, Basic table, No clipper vac, No Groomer's Helper
        Years Exp: >1 year
        Dogs per day: Full Groom 4-6 Depending on temperment and condition
        Bath and Touch up 6 Depending on temperment and condition
        Bath only 7+ depending on condition and temperment

        When I first started I did 1 or 2 grooms a day after I graduated from being "just a bather" I depended on the help, knowledge, and experience of the other groomers in the shop. I never went to school. I learn better from experiance and rote. I am very luck to have great groomers who know their stuff to work with.


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          I've been grooming for over 30 years. How many dogs I can groom in 8 hours depends on the dogs. I can do 8 "little white dogs" in about 6 hours. I can do 8 Schnauzers in 4 1/2 hours if they're on a regular schedual. On the other hand, I can do only 3 standard Poodles in an 8 hour day, because they wear me out.

          Equipment? Aside from the basics, I have a Groomer's Helper. I have a K9II and a Challengair dryer, several small cage dryers (no heat on all but 1) and a bunch of fans. I also have a bunch of microfiber towels, which help to cut down on drying time a great deal. I have a Dremel for nails.

          I don't have a clipper vac or a bathing system. Don't really want the first, and still debating the second.

          My grooming room has a very large ceiling vent with an equally large fan to exhaust hot, humid air. Weather permitting, I also set a small fan in the open window. I have a Sear's Craftsman rolling tool chest that keeps everything at my fingertips, except for my clippers and Dremel, which hang on hooks on the wall. But they're still at my fingertips, lol.


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            I have been grooming for about 1 year (including as a bather/apprentice) and the shop I work at has nothing fancy at all. We have a metro HV (1) and an OLD Endemco stand dryer (we don't even use) and a two challengair dryers. One electric table (which my boss uses), no groomers helpers, no bathing system, no clipper vac. :'(

            I can comfortably do 5 - 6 dogs (full grooms) a day (depending on type/condition/behavior), but I have done as many as 8. This does not include bath dogs OR attending to the kennel, but I work 10 hours a day.


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              like others, depends on the dogs...
              2 years from feb, most dogs a day has been 13 dogs in 8 hours. last week i had two days that i did 10 dogs and that was from like 9 to 4 no breaks or lunchs, i would rather go home early... i know some of those dogs were feet face and tail, three malteses and a yorkie, some haircuts mostly #7 or #4s around here. dog shampoo in a bottle and a velocity dryer.
              i have to say that when i came back from school i was scared to even do 3 or 4 dogs aday, it took me the whole 3 hours to shave down a shih tzu.. but forcing myself to do one more dog a day each week.. 3-4 dogs a day for one week, then adding one more dog.. 4-5 a day for a week and so on. i was able to do my 8 dogs in 8 hours at the petsomething. then the next shop i was at, the system that was working great there, let me even do more dogs but we did not bath the dogs we had a bather. that helped me pick up my speed. at the petsomething, you had three dogs that came in at one time and about 3 hours to do them. so i gave myself a time limit on each one. that helped too..
              3 dogs, 3 hours. 15 mins to prep in each one, 15 mins to bath and dry each one, 30 mins to finish groom each one. so 1 1/2 hours of prep and bath/dry. so first dog was done at the 2 hour mark, next dog was done at the 2 1/2 hour mark, and last dog was done at the 3 hour mark, and 2 more dogs came in, did the same and got my lunch in there. and so on.


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                Nothing fancy here either altho the boss did just order us an electric table. We dry using a combo of a master blaster, fans and stand dryers. No bathing system or clipper vac. I like to do seven or eight a day and can do twelve to fifteen if there are at least four or five baths in the mix.



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                  duh, forgot I've been grooming for about five years



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                    Grooming part-time 3 years, full time 1 year.

                    8-10 dogs per day.

                    Usually 6 full grooms and the rest bath/pads/nails/ears. Somedays that is pushing it though.

                    I use a clippervac and a Challenair 850. Have fans and one small dryer for a cage attachment.


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                      Toys and Dogs?

                      Well, I guess it really depends on the dogs (shave downs or styling)... and If you have all the gadgets or just the basics...

                      With a bather, and all the gadgets...15 is an easy number, and that's Bichons, Poodles, Shih-and a variety of mixed similar, with maybe a Standard Poo in there too and other fluffy dogs, no bath dogs..

                      in my mobile...I've done as many as 10 in an 8 hour day...not that I want to work that hard...I like to stop at 4 to 5 stops, but of course that doesn't mean just 1 dog per stop...
                      example first stop was 2 Bichons, second stop a Shih-tzu and a Beagle (de-shed), third stop was a Maltese/Bichon cross, forth stop with a half hour drive...another Bichon... first stop was at 6AM, finished last dog at 10:30 and that included the half hour drive...from third to fourth stop (the others were across the street or next door)...everybody was a fluffy, except the de-shed...#0-ish and scissored legs.... but that's easy for me...
                      It takes me way longer to do a shave down.

                      Yes I have all the goodies (iVac, CV, BB, HV-Kool dry, Stand dryer, MM-towels, scissors that do all kinds of things....)

                      How long have I been grooming? Way too long...(41 I work smarter not harder)


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                        I've been grooming 8 years.

                        Also it depends on the dogs on how many I can do. I've done up to 24 by myself in a one day and finished at 4pm started at 8pm.

                        Andis clippers Ultra Edge Special Edition.

                        No GH or bathing system and no Clipper Vac.

                        I've used a bathing system before but didn't like it. It didn't get the dogs nearly as clean as pouring on diluted shampoo. (Yes I would scrub the dogs) A few of the other groomers I worked with didn't like the systems either. So we put pumps in the shampoos and did it the regular way.

                        I use a K9II dryer, love it.


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                          Nothing at all fancy here. I have a home made grooming table, an old stainless steel sink/tub that was given to me and my Dad made it so it would work as a tub. No cv, no bathing system and regular old bath towels.

                          I have a Double K animal dryer for my HV, and Oster stand dryer, which I will also use as a cage dryer if I need it, I also have one box fan that I use once in awhile.

                          My newest piece of equipment would be the GH.

                          I have groomed for about 14yrs and I can do up to 10 dogs, but I don't. I will groom 4 dogs a day, don't want to do any more than that unless I have a couple of just b/b dogs. I work alone.
                          "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                            I can do 10-12 per day I work from 9-3:30, but I have people who wash and dry, during xmas I've been known to do 20+ , with extended hours. These are full grooms , maybe a shave down or 2. I've been grooming about 10 years.


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                              4 dogs a day maybe. Lots of toys

                              Been grooming almost 3 years.

                              Homemade recirc bathing system with the Hanvey hose. Absorber dryer cloths.
                              Circuiteer II HV dryer. 2 metro dryers. 2 stand dryers.

                              Homemade hydaulic table made from a salon chair, with heavy duty pipe & chains across the top to secure the dogs. It's nice that it can be rotated. I use that much more than the up & down part.

                              Apprenticed w/o Clipper Vac. I got one because of this board. I am turtle slow w/o it.
                              Oster turbo clippers. Oster blades.
                              Fromm & monk shears.
                              LePooch slicker- got this in Atlanta. They have flexing heads. Soooo cool!

                              I store my tools in a wood TV cabinet I got at Goodwill.

                              Stool on wheels to sit on.