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  • "greyhound" comb

    I know what they are and all that but How did they ever get that name???? A greyhound would never need to be combed. Calling them a poodle comb or somthing would make more sence as you have to comb a poodle but a greyhound?

    Sorry I know its an off the wall guestion. Just one of the random ways my brain jumped and I just can't stop thinking about it. So have at it and give it your best guess.

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    I had asked the same question at my job. The response was they are grey and long and sleek. go figure.


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      That is true huh?


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        That could be an acurate. But what a crazy way to get a name.

        I am just finishing my second gross anatomy class and often structures are named for what they suposto resemble except i often think whoever named them was high on somthing at the time.


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          Actually, it's the name of the company that makes them, not the name for the comb itself. Greyhound makes other grooming tools, as well- I've got one of their pin brushes, like it alot- the comb is just the most well known.


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            Something I always wondered but never thought to ask.......