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Surprises in the coat...(fun)

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  • Surprises in the coat...(fun)

    Ok, so I thought I'd start a thread about little surprises we've found in the dog's coat while grooming. Stickers and burrs are obvious, but what about the not-so-common "stuff" we find in the coats of our precious clients?

    So far my two "winners" have had:

    1. A stink bug (dead)

    2. Mac 'n' Cheese.

    Yep, there was mac n cheese elbow noodles in the dog's coat.


    Tammy in Utah
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    On a 16 mo. old shih tzu puppy getting 1st haircut ever (with a 10), I found some small twigs, some tinsel, and a plastic spider ring stuck many layers in.


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      Once when I was shaving an OES I found a little toy soldier!


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        Wacky finds

        Once I found a nerf ball in a grown out cocker. And a mummified lizard in a OES. The lizard was truly a surprise. The owner didn't bat an eye when I showed him. And of course the occasional fish hook. OUCH!!!!
        Annette, who's very graciously allowed to live with the dogs.


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          I found a pill in the beard of a schnauzer. It actually looked like a Viagra! I wasn't sure if it was a human pill or if it was medication for the dog. I saved it and showed it to the owner but they claimed they had no idea what it was or how it got there.


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            What I Have Found In A Dogs' Coat

            Mac&Cheese is common in dogs who live with a child in a highchair. Candy is common and wire. Metal shavings in a Bedlington who rode around in a golf cart at a sheet metal shop w/ owner. So far, no toys. Paper, and old bows and those tiny rubber bands. I'm still hoping for a $20 or even a $100 dollar bill in tact.....Am I dreaming? My mom found a $20 under a tire of her car, or nearby car at the grocery store more than once.They say, if you walk around with your head down in parking lots, you can find money sometimes. I would probably bump my head into a light pole!!My icon isn't bowing...he's lookin or money.Haha


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              I found cereal in a poodles face. I have found candy canes stuck to butts.
              If your dog is fat, you are not getting enough exercise!


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                My favorite was a small candy cane in the overgrown hair of a cocker about a month after Christmas.


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                  I found an enbedded collar, the customer thought the OES lost the collar months ago, it was so gross and sad.


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                    I found a three pronged fish hook stuck in a cocker's hair. Barbed Wire. The usual Candy and gum. I found one dogs ears still stuck in it's hair but rotted off, when the child attempted to give dog a pony tail.


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                      Fish hooks are pretty common around here. One of them even still had a dead minnow attached to it.

                      Barbed wire or other bits of wire are also fairly common.

                      I've also run into lots of candy and gum, paint, pine tar, and Play Dough.

                      One 3 inch long sewing needle, with thread still attached.

                      A nail. Not a toe nail. The kind of nail one hits with a hammer.

                      Duct tape, Scotch tape, electrical tape.

                      A piece of Velcro.

                      Something that, to this day I do not know what it was. And I don't want to know what it was. It had tiny bones, and it smelled putrid.


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                        I found the sticky measurement tag for a pair of jeans on the belly of a Golden Retriever once when I was in grooming school. That's about it.

                        Found a smooth-sided rectangular shaped growth on the belly of a severly matted Cocker. Alerted the owner and wouldn't you know that it was cancerous. Breast cancer. She died 10 days later. Would never have known it was there if she hadn't been shaved down.

                        Michelle in NJ


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                          We found a pill recently as well. I just assumed it was probably medicine for the dog since is had no little symbols or letters on it and it was a plain round white pill. They don't bother to make pet meds as pretty as human meds and most human meds have something printed on them or a slick colored surface. Another dog had a chunk of something in the tail which we smelled and if was definitely spearment gum. Another recently had a lump in an ear that we were able to get out. It was dark brown and smelled like chinese food. The owner said that wouldn't surprise him. Thats all I can think of for now.


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                            paper clips, staples, tinsel...

                            Okay *blushing* my own dogs...spagetti ( ALOT too), mac and cheese, cheerios, oatmeal cookies, fish, peanut butter, jam....
                            Can you tell I havea toddler?? This is also the reason they are bathed/groomed WEEKLY! lol


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                              bits of wiring, fish hooks, candycane in a yorkie's chin.