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anyone buy collar covers?

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  • anyone buy collar covers?

    I'm looking for alternatives to "butch looking" bandanas on the little girly dogs...thinking about switching to collar covers is there a supplier? Or does anyone have any other cute alternatives?

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    There are two alternatives:

    bowsbykatrina dot com makes collar covers CHEAP and cute.

    and davsmfg dot com make ruffies, they are bandana fabric made into cute collars.


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      I make my own collar covers. They're ridiculously simple to make, and color/pattern options are much wider than purchasing them.

      I also cut 3 inch wide strips of fabric (use pinking shears), twist it several times, and "tie" it around the dog's neck with a rubber band. Then make a big bow by tucking the loose ends back into the rubber band. Use a little claw type clip (put a couple of the teeth through the rubber band and clip it in the hair) to hold the bow in place.


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        Whizzy was, shall we say, less than enthusiastic about being a model, and the fabric was just a scrap, not quite wide enough. But you can see the basic idea.
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 are a genious... I love it!


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            Those are reaaly nice.Thanks for sharing


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              Hey Helly, these are from your favorite manufacturer, Davis:


              Is that cute or what? ROFL, I got a kick out of 'em.

              Tammy in Utah
              Groomers Helper Affiliate


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                Tammy, I used to make ties for the boys, but they really don't work all that well. They're really cute when you put them on, but often, by the time the owner gets there to pick up, the ties are soaked in dog drool. If the dog doesn't drool on them, they get them in their water bowl, or they chew on them. No matter how it happens, they're usually wet, lol.

                Bow ties work a little better, especially if you fix them on the dog's collar. But if the dog has a hairy neck, they don't show up.