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  • For Those of you with websites

    Doesn't matter if your mobile or salon based, but I was wondering if anyone keeps track of how many new customers your website generates as opposed to newspaper ads and phonesbooks?

    We had a website design session in my business class last night and when the instructor got to me she says "Oh dog grooming, you shouldn't bother making a website.". I tried to explain that I did so I could put up info about credentials, services, policies and procedures and pictures to help so people what I'm all about. She just giggle oh that's funny, Pictures of hairdo's can you do my nails too while I wait. What a B****, she really annoyed the **** out of me with her attitude like grooming wasn't a real business.

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    Get a website!!! Best thing I ever did. Many people find me online and remark how much they like my site. Also, my web addy is large on the side of my van and many people do check it out. Also, when people call me to ask about my business I send them to the site to learn more about me. Definately, get a website. You need one these days. Every business needs a site. Also, after you spend the money to get it up and running, it's a bargain. Go for it. If you don't, you're making a big boo-boo!


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      Hey Wet Nose, I want to see it.


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        I have just started keeping track of how I get my customers so don't really have a good answer with exact numbers yet! I will though. Before I was just keeping track in my head. I've gotten more from my website though than from yellowpages or something ese. Or when people hear about me somewhere, they can look on the site and see that they're not about to walk into some alley with milk crates for a grooming table and gutter water for a bath. I've done searches for websites of grooming salons in my area, and haven't found any even though there are a lot of shops around. I like getting a feel for a place before I go, and a website is just the way to do that. And, everyone's online these days.
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          Village pet spa in Wallingford has a nice website and it looks like a beautiful shop.


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            I have a website-have had it for maybe 3 years or so. As of right now, I have over 11,000 hits on it, and the last few months it has really skyrocketed in hits (about 1000 per month give or take). I get quite a few calls, and emails from it. As was stated above, people can go to your website and see what you are about...Definitely put pictures of your work out though, people love to look at pictures! Can we post a link to our website on here? If so, I will post a link. I really like my website!


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              Well, tell your instructor, she's way off base, the best thing I have for advertising IS my web site. I have about an 80% new clients from my web site. I've had a web site a long time...first for my shop location, then ever changing, and when I went mobile...I had my first mobile clients with in days of my site going live.

              I have a big site, lots of pages and ...lots of photos! My credentials are listed, my policies are there...for sure a marketing tool, and if nothing else, with all the bad press in the last few years...I am opening up the "behind closed doors" by sharing a groom of a special just makes a new client 'feel" like they know me, it gives them a confident feeling of how their pet will be treated.
              If that isn't doing good business, then I don't know what is.



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                Daper Dawg

                Tell that teacher B-autch how much you make grooming per day and year and maybe she will shut her pie hole. Boy, that makes me mad!!!! I don't understand why people treat us like scumb or the hitchikers under the dogs' tails. Once i had a lady call me to see if we could become friends. She was given my name by someone who knew her thinking due to our ages and single we might become friends. The woman called me and asked what I do for a living. I said mobile dog grooming, she got quiet and said she was in real de dah. She suddenly got busy and cut me off. I never heard from her again. I should have told her I am A stripper....I strip dogs!!!!haha.Some people think it is a low class profession, but a vet is respected. Even a vet tech.Will we EVER get respect? After licensing? Most people don't know we aren't licensed. That can't be the reason. ???????????????????????PS.My sister is in international adoptions and wasn't paid for an entire year from this co. after initial fee, but still kept working. La de dah. But she doesn't think my job is anything to tell her friends about. She is ashamed or embarrassed and never gives details about my profession. Most people don't know she has a sister. Never mention she had a mother either. We all lived nearby in the same town.


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                  My computer crashed

                  I was in the middle of doing my business plan, brochures, a presentation and playing with different web publishers and my laptop exploded and I have a screen that looks like someone hit it with a baseball and a paintball all at once and it's just plain dead. WAHHHHHHHHHH. I backed up just a few of my files last week but many of them may be lost along with all of the grooming related and supplies link I had listed on my favorites bar. WAHHHHHHAA

                  Anyway back to the subject. I am going to call or email this particular guest instructor along with the regular class instructors and let her and them know how her laughing at my profession and ideas was quite insulting to me and that perhaps in the future if she doesn't understand a certain industry she should research it before making such comments.
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                    Pam, love the website:-) Please expalin soar on wings.


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                      Daper Dawg....So sorry.

                      Does this mean your computer warrenty is over? I don't like to leave my lap top on all the time because of fire. It sits on the wood diningroom table. I think it gets hot underneath even with vents on the side. When you say blew up do yiou mean like an explosive bomb? Yikes, that is scarey. Glad it did't hurt your eyes or burn you.It did't hurt you did it? Computers are expensive. I fguess we can take it as a bus write off. Gee, we talk dog talk all the time....well, off topic too, but we are almost all groomers.
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                        I think someone or some vile program got into my computer and made it crash. It didn't burn up or anything. It will only display a screen that looks like a baseball hit it with multi colored squiggly lines everywhere. I have to drop it off to the geek squad today an prey they can salvage some of my stuff. It's not a business expense yet cause I don't have my own business yet. Turns out just my screen is busted, but my hardrive is intact WOO HOO.
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                          Website only Advertising I do

                          Next month will be my one year anniversary of being mobile and the ONLY advertising I've done is my website (built myself with some 24/7 tech support from the web host). Costs $95 a year and I am only taking new clients on an extremely selective basis. Tiny chihuahuas that wash and dry themselves!!!

                          No yellow pages, no newspapers, no flyers and can't beat the price!

                          I get at least 5 to 10 calls a day from it.


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                            I have had a website since before I even got my van. My web address is on the van. Now days, people quite often prefer to check out businesses online before choosing whether or not to do business with them. Particularly child and pet care. I get 3-4 emails/week from potential new clients with additional questions that they didn't get answers for from the website, I get probably 6-7 calls/week from people that went to the website first. And my voice mail outgoing message also mentions the website so potential new clients that didn't know about it can do some more research before contacting me again and are better prepared to simply schedule an appointment rather than keep me on the phone answering a ton of questions. My website saves me a LOT of time on the phone. And probably saves me a lot of time on the phone with people that wouldn't become clients in the end at all. The vast majority of calls I get from new people actually book at the time of the call back. (I don't answer my phone while I am working-I call back messages left when I get home or when I have a break)

                            I host through IX webhosting, I pay annually, but it breaks down to only $4/month. The best advertising value I have ever spent! I only advertised in the yellow pages 1 year and no longer waste money there either. My website is my only advertising now and I couldn't be happier.


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                              How Do You Know The Best Place To Be?

                              I always ask people how they found me. I don't have a web site except thru Dex phone book Dex on line .com is not so easy to get to the copy of the actual books' page. No one goes beyond the printed name so they don't see my Schnauzer logo. A few actually look in the physical book. It is no longer true that you can't operate a business without a big fat display ad. They scare you into thinking you will go out of business with out them! I am still a little nervous, but I do trust all the examples and experience you all have with web sites. How do you insure they click the right thing to find you? Google you or what ever. I ask people and they put yellow and zip or town where they live. Not enough know to type I am there tho. So please tell me how to target the people- and I want to track those who hit or read pages. I can't wait to do this, but I need help.. I could buy a lot of Ivacs with the wasted money I gave Dex this year! Waaaaaa.