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  • What Was I Thinking!!!!!

    I think I just traumatized my son. He was just playing with his beanie baby golden retriever dog. He told me it was thirsty. Next thing I know the little poochie was all wet from drinking out of the water bowl. A few minutes later he comes in my room, "Mom, I think my dog peed! So I go in his room and there's yellow spots on the floor. I said , "You're right, it does look like he peed. He said "Can you give him a bath?" I said, "Sure, you want me to throw him in the washing machine?" Oh the look on his face. "Mommy, you can't put Fluffy in the washing machine!!!" "Can you give him a bath in the sink?" sigh......... alright........and I thought I was done grooming for the day!

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    Cute story. We really have to be careful with what we say around these little guys. He sees you grooming all these dogs and not a one of them go into the washing machine to get a bath!!!!!
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      I'm wondering about the yellow spot on the floor! Do you think he peed.. and blamed it on the doggie?


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        cute story. heres another. i get to a call and the owner comes out and tells me his sons were playing mobile groomer in the minivan. they had rio in a tub in the back of the van and were trying to wash her. rio was less than pleased.
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          Originally posted by diemonster View Post
          I'm wondering about the yellow spot on the floor! Do you think he peed.. and blamed it on the doggie?
          ROFL, that's what I was thinking too! "What? Wait a minute, what about those yellow spots?!!!"

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            Yellow Spots!

            Ok Ok they weren't really all that yellow. They were more like a yellowish/ brown. No, I don't think my son pee'd. I think the dog was just dirty and needed a bath and was slobbering alittle (wait a minute, I am still talking about a stuffed dog right!?) Or, maybe he puked up some bile!!!EEEWWWWW