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My last week at work.

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  • My last week at work.

    I gave my notice last Friday, start my new job on the 24th, since I am p/t I thought I would only work my 3 days then bye bye. I was totally unaware of the huge changes management was about to make. They fired one groomer, the other groomer got demoted from manager to just groomer, so she gave her notice, but they don't want her in the shop since she decided to open her own place a few miles down the road. So, guess who is having to hold down the fort this week while they get a new staff in place,,,,me! The worst part is knowing I won't be seeing alot of my request dogs any more. They were there when I went to work there, so they are customers of the business, not my customers. I actually started crying today while I was grooming a little Dach & her Spaniel sister. I know the dogs must think I am nuts, but I have become so attached. I am a really tender hearted person,, always cry at any thing the least bit sad. Even when I was a kid, watching Lassie always made me cry. If I try and tell the parents goodbye, I know I will cry, but I feel realy weird NOT telling them I am leaving. ( It's a small group or customers that have told me they really like the way I groom their dogs better than the other groomers, and have only been bringing them in on days that I work.) I wish I wasn't such a big baby!!! I wish I could be all grown up and say I have enjoyed grooming your dog, etc,,,, without becoming a basket case. I realize they aren't as attached me to as I am to their dogs, so I have decided not to say any thing about me leaving. I have only been a groomer less than 2 years and this is the 1st time I have moved from one shop to another. Guess this comes with the job. I do plan on running an ad in the local paper advertising the fact that I have moved,, but still,,,,,it's really sad. This is goona be a long, long week!!!!! (My other idea is just to kidnapp all my fav dogs and take them home with me,,, but I would prob end up in jail,,,,LMAO)
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    I know how you are feeling and it really SUCKS, but you must remember, there is a REASON you are leaving that place and there will be NEW dogs to meet and become attached to The more love you give, the more you HAVE to give.

    When I left my employer to open my own place, I left dogs that I had been grooming for nearly 3 years, so I had built up a bond with MANY of them and I really couldn't bring it up (to the clients in the one week I was there after giving my notice) due to circumstances (leaving to open my own place). While I still miss some of the dogs and wonder how they are doing, I've come to know some other GREAT dogs and clients! It all balance's out!

    Hope you survive a tough week! Keep positive and I wish you MUCH MUCH MUCH success in your new job!


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      I hate to lose a pet in anyway,but you are moving up and on, advertise that you are now at---, just leave out the formerly at,and some will follow you to the new place. Much luck and sucsess in your new job.
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