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I shaved my 1st pelted coat

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  • I shaved my 1st pelted coat

    I had a regular call in - Shipoo dog needs to be groomed, he's not looking so good - "He's a bit matted!" its only been about 8wks since I groomed the dog last time, didn't think that it could possibly be so bad! He was so matted that I was hard pressed to get a scissor through the coat to get a clipper starting spot!! I'm not near my pics so I will post them later! I saved several of the pelt pieces to show the owner, but she was so happy with how I clipped him. I did suggest that she start bringing him in for weekly brushings, as he will not let her near him with a brush, but she wouldn't hear of it!

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    bet ya he's around 10 months old, right? If so, it's the puppy coat changing out to the adult coat, and unfortunately common around that age to become matted in a short space of time, especially with a longer coat and minimal brushing at home! Fingers crossed it's all gone within the pelt you shaved off, and the short coat now can easily loose the rest by the time it's long enough to knot again.


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      I may sound weird but I will say it anyhow.. I get a thrill out of seeing if I can get it off in one piece. I have many that I have saved over the years but one really annoys me... owner brings in her cat.. barn cat, dropped off near her barn as a kitten... sadly it is a long hair calico. Anyhow... she brings it in twice a year (Ive tried to talk with her about more frequent groomings but she wont budge) it comes off like a shell! YUP ! curved like the body.. a 10 strip (very carefully I might add) and once off, you can rest it on your table and it looks like a tunnel. She always asks for it back as 'they' (her horse group) pass them around as white elephant gifts... sheesh