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Spike is SICK... :(

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  • Spike is SICK... :(

    I don't know what is wrong with Spike. An hour or so before I left work, he was in his bed, acting quieter than usual. I'd been quite busy so he may have not felt well for a while. But he was fine at lunch time. Anyway...

    So I pick him up at work and he screeches for a second. Odd. He was laying in his bed with his bum up in the air---like play position---for a bit, but that's when I picked him up. I let him walk around and he was walking fine. Took him back to the treatment area of the animal hospital (I work there for those of you who may not know), took his temperature (101.8 degrees F) and he high-tailed it back to the break room. The treatment area means "shots" of course, lol.

    When I got home he was still acting a little off. My husband was working in the yard and rang to doorbell to tell me something, and he acted like his typical terrier self and barked and made a fuss---but then went back to lay in his bed. He's laying like his gut hurts. He wont eat his kibbles (Innova), either, so I'm not sure what the deal is.

    I will watch him and take him to the animal ER if needed, but wanted to hear your opinions, or suggestions.

    Thank you.

    Tammy in Utah (and Spike the Yorkie)
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    I'm not sure, but wondering now if it's his back or something.

    When he was curled up in his dog bed, I touched his side (ribs) and he whimpered.

    Then, when I got him to stand, I noticed something interesting: You know how we groomers move a dog around by lifting their back end up off the ground by putting our hand between their back legs ("crotch" area)? When I do that, he stiffens heavily, and wants to lift ONE leg but not both.

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      Poor Spike!

      I really have no advice, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and Spike, please keep us updated on how he is feeling!


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        one time

        my dog ate some bacon (fat back) that I wanted to throw away ,it was not alot but she acted later just like spike. Could he have eaten something that is upsetting his belly? Or could he have eaten a foreign object?

        If he does feel like eating (which I doubt)I would only give him something bland.

        If he vomits he could swallowed something and has a blockage( my Mal had surgery three times to remove rocks from intestine)although sometimes they do not vomit. How are his stools (is that TMI?).

        I hope it is something like a little gastritis keep us posted .


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          Best thought sent! Maybe gasto.? I know during this time of the year my dogs get into all sorts of gunk the minute my back is turned and it's a wonder they haven't had an upset stomach for a long, long time. Would he eat something more plainer, like rice and chicken, or egg, to get his appetite back?


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            Poor Spike! When my yorkie poo did that we discovered a problem in his spine. Another time he had gastroenteritis and stayed in that bow there's 2 different causes. Has he vomited any? Tried any baby food?
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              Don't have any advice,, but hope he feels better soon, cause you know how much I loves the little Spikey man!!


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                has he possibly jumped from a higher place than usual or had a fall? If it's his back you'll want to get him xrayed soon.....we were told that Reilly could lose feeling in his back legs. I don't mean to sound all scary and stuff, but it could be serious.
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                  Thanks for your replies. Right now he's just sleeping quietly. I just wish I had him looked at while I was at work. GRRRRR!

                  Sometimes when something frightens him he'll act like this, only it goes away as soon as we leave the area that scared him. This is NOT going away.

                  Tammy in Utah
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                    Hoping it is simply nothing. Have him x-rated in the morning if still acting odd. Is he drinking water,pooping, you know the drill, hoping for the best.
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                      I am hoping Spike feels all better tomorrow. I know how you love that lil guy. Let us all know tomorrow.



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                        Poor Spike. Poor Tammy. I know when mine have had belly issues over the years...they often get all humpy backed. (Same goes for me, come to think of it...)
                        Is his color and CRT ok Tammy? I'm a paranoid freak, and I'd prolly run my dog to an ER for X-am/Xrays at the very least.
                        It always scares me how fast they can go downhill when they don't feel well.....
                        I hope he feels better real soon!
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                          I hope spike is OK and he feels better!! It's sad to see your buddy sick!


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                            When my dog has spine problems, he will eat, but will not have bouts of "normalcy". However my Boston Terrier has acted like Spike is doing twice. Once was pancreatitis (nothing eaten out of the normal though) and the second time was a foriegn body (towel stuck in tummy) Make sure Spike is drinking so he doesn't dehydrate tonight. Hope he feels better soon.
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                              I've had any of my dogs

                              scare the bajeebies out of me with scary not acting right stuff. Just recently my Old Hound seemed like it was the end, but then recovered. I agree it could be gastro or spine or leg. It would be great if he is bouncing and starving in the morning - and that sure can happen. I'll say a prayer and send good thoughts. And I'll keep an eye on here.
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