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    For some reason the last week or so I have been thinking about groomers I have met (and sadly some who have now passed away) and Lynne Carver came to mind. I know a lot of newer groomers have heard about Liz Paul,(deceased) Dawn Omboy and a lot of other highly successful groomers but how many remember Lynne(deceased 2003), Gail Shroll and many others who really aren't that visible nowadays? I can remember talking to Lynne several times at shows at the BioGroom booth and never forgetting her statement about putting down the competitors shears so others could make their mark. I learned a lot from her about sportmanship and pride in one's work. ANd the one tiem I competed in Creative I was thrilled to see Gail Shroll as one of the judges! I didn't place but it sure was a thrill for me just to talk to her. On eyear I was at Intergroom and was busting Michel (Raviol-Les Poochs) we go back a long way i remeber when he was first trying to get groomers to try his producst and they were freaking out about the price! and Liz Paul had her booth across the way selling ehr products and her face when I was getting Michel's goat was hilarious I know she asked him "how could you let hertreat him that way"--he laughed and told her it was just our way....several years later he got me good at Westminster I had dyed my hair red and he kept yelling LUCEEEEEEEE oh LUCEEEEEEEE, people kept looking and gosh my face was red and he kept laughing everytime..........Who do you remember from over the years and your expereinces if you ever met them?