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Frudulent cc charges

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  • Frudulent cc charges

    I checked my email this am and recieved a notice from my cc company. They are suspicous of fraudulent charges on my account over the last twenty four hours.
    It was mostly things over a dollar and one for under sixteen dollars.
    The cc put a hold on my cc because they weren't familiar with me ever using the services of these companies charges for video rentals and a hold on an ipod.
    So I called them up and they read me the list of these charges on my account...which of course is now closed.

    I am left wondering how someone got a hold of it. I used it yesterday at a repair shop. I mostly use it for gas in the van and sometimes at the grocery store...a few other places.
    I do use it online for my cell phone which is a pay as you go type.


    But, am glad the cc company froze my account until I contacted them. So cudos to them for noticing things out of place.

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    One of the more popular ways of stealing peoples cc info happens in restaurants. Leaving your signed cc receipt on the table, especially one that has the entire number printed on it, is an enticing target for would-be identity thieves. If you pay your bill by cc, check to make sure that the receipt that you sign does NOT contain your full cc# - only the last 4 digits should be visible on the slip. If the full number is there, use a pen to scratch it out before you leave. Do NOT leave your receipt on the table for the waitress to pick up. Take it up to the cash register.

    You actually got pretty lucky that they only charged things that were under $16. The last time we had our credit card number stolen, they purchased four plane tickets to Italy and a cruise through the Mediterranean!
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      That happened to me recently!

      Good thing I had put an "alert me" notice on my account for any charge over 250.
      It is strictly my business cc...and I knew I had not used it in a while when I got the alert.

      Some one had charged 13 or $1700.00 worth of IKEA Online Furniture on it.
      I was doubly ticked because I am a Plough and Hearth type gal and felt that an IKEA charge would forever toxify my account.

      The cool thing was they charged it on a Friday, I was notified on that Friday, I called the cc company on that Friday....and the furniture was scheduled for delivery the following Tuesday to the perpetrator of the crime (of putting IKEA on a Plough and Hearth gal's cc card).

      Wish I could have been the delivery person...but they wouldn't give me the address of the recipient. That would have been fun and worth the airplane ticket!
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        That has happened to Hub and I a few times. In our case the bank flagged charges for like 1.00. Somehow the bank catches it right away.

        The really small charges coming through leads me to believe that people are putting random account numbers together and sending small test charges through to see if the number combo will work. Maybe i'm wrong.


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          Had it happen to us with a card we only used to transfer another credit card balance. Noticed when we got the bill and saw the purchase charges. CC company fixed it, but never found out how/who.


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            Here's something everyone should do if you shop online...

            When you buy over the web using a credit card, always remember to CLOSE YOUR WEB BROWSER when you finish using a shopping cart. You don't have to restart your computer, but close your Windows Internet Explorer, or Firefox, etc. AFTER EACH shopping cart use. All the data you entered is then cleared out of the browser for sure. Then start a fresh browser session. It's the safest way to shop using CC's online.
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              That happened to me too!

              I got an email from my cc company asking to call them about a fraudulent charge. I asked my wife if she had charged to the company and she said no. They cancelled that card and are sending me a new one. The charge was only for about $60. I think sometimes when people get your cc information, they try charging something small hoping it won't set off alarm bells and then move on to bigger things. I recently ordered a lot of grooming supplies online, so that may be the way it happened. I will make sure to close my browser next time I place an online order. Thank you, Stephen!


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                That happened to a family member a year ago because they left their receipt at the gas station..and they somehow got the numbers..
                They thought it was suspicious that they bought something in IL then something in FL fifteen minutes later!