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  • gotta love puppy grooms

    I LOVE doing a puppy for the first time, it's always such a neat time to transform a puppy into a well groomed dog! And the transformation is usually so dramatic too...

    I got a new wire haired foxy pup in the other day, referred to me by one of my airedale puppy clients too, so they know i can get the look and not make them look like a schnauzer (ugh, don't ask me about the other local groomers here!) His under coat was thoroughly matted on his sides but his furnishing brushed out ok, though it's rather sparse now! I clipped him, not stripped, though I did strip his beard a little to shape it and I did use the furminator over him to at least help encourage SOME reasonable growth....

    Click image for larger version

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    spunky lil guy! He's 5 months old and not very well bred, you can see his body is the weirdest wiry lil shape, but he's cute and loved and yes the owners were ecstatic at his groom. The lady admitted she was too embarrassed at his initial state so she made her husband bring him in, but when she came to collect him she declared she likes him more now!

    Feel good factor = 10/10

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    Thanks for the pictures. good job! I love "transforming" any doggie & hearing the owner say OMG! Are you sure that is MY dog he is gorgeous!! Again, good job!


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      I had two new puppies yesterday morning. They were five month old yorkie-poos, and my lord, how they screamed and flailed! None of my puppy tricks worked on them. It was a miracle I could groom them at all. How do you explain to a customer that a puppy groom might not be perfect because the dog isn't used to being groomed yet?


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        Really good job! He's cute.


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          How nice. He looked like a micro mini Clydesdale horse with a huge head in the first pic.


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            What a difference! He looks pretty proud of himself!


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              Very cute! Nice job!


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                He doesn't even look like the same dog! In the first couple of pics he looks so scared and not sure of what is going to happen. The others pics are like they are saying..."Look at me, Aren't I something!!!"

                Great job!
                "There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face."


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                  OMG You groomed a Chupacabra and made it look like a wire fox terrier!!! Good work.


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                    Are you sure that is the same dog ????????????????????

                    Terrific job! I love terrier puppies!



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                      What a handsome boy! Love his coloring. Speckles on one side and a big spot on the other side. Great job!


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                        Awww! He came in looking like a over snuggled soft toy, and went out looking like a gentleman


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                          nothing makes me smile

                          like a WFT puppy! And he has a straight tail!! LUCKY FELLA
                          What I like about clipping them is once you get it under cntrol you can do one length all over and they look like a Steiff stuffed animal. Usually a 3 works wonders for the cooler months then what you did for the warm ones.
                          good job!
                          I have a new one coming tomorrow morning- 2nd this week. What funny little fellas they are.


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                            Thanks everyone!

                            gloaming; I explain that to all my new puppy clients, that we just do whatever we can do, and that it's often a 'work in progress' with a puppys first visit, as I refuse to force a pup through more than they can cope with, and if it's not perfect, it's ok, cos they will be later. For now, we just want good experiences as much as possible!!!

                            Pixie; I thought that too, he was all unsure of it at first, but by the end he was soooo full of himself like a typical terrier! So spunky!

                            wet noze; what was fun is that the freckles didn't show through his matted undercoat at all, so the owner didn't even know he had those markings too, so it was a REAL shock/change for her to find different markings as well!!! hehe.

                            AuntieBeth; good luck with your new one too, they are a lot of fun to do; a bit more different to the usual teddy type trims! It's coming into winter here so I'd have preferred to leave him with a little more on his body, but it was impossible with the pelt down his sides. Maybe next time...



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                              Wow, he looks like a totally different dog!