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  • Loong boring day

    At 4:32 am a loud kaboom shook the world, got up realized no electric sooo I dutifuly went to the freezer and got the icecream and ate it(makes a mess when it thaws) the pup comes and looks perplexed, the old dog comes in and rells him she does this evertime the small suns are off, and she does not share like with the yogurt,no small suns make hr stingy. Anyway load uo go to work and brown out, enogh power to plug the phone in to cord I use for the shop vac, everyone calls to check before coming in, finding I have no power she asks whats the latest I can bring Maggiein? lol She says why you dunb old woman how does she know when the power will be on? Oh well I ha dno lasting domage and great clients, just annoyed I had to get more icecream in case...
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    did you drink your mike's thingy's too? I hear they are much better cold and that would certainly explain the slightly unintelligible post I just tried to read ;>
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      I totally don't know what you are talking about.


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        Lemme try to translate...
        Thunderstorm blows the power at your house in the early morniing so you eat ice cream and you share with the dogs, the young dog is wary of the storm, and the fact that the lights (small suns) are out makes the old dog more snarky and not want to share. You then go to work where you are having brown outs due to people using more AC in response to hot humid weather. You call clients to reschedule and one woman seems to think that you will magically have power back soon and wants to get in the same day? You then drink a few mikes things and make a post to tell us about it.


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          Originally posted by Jenneversage64 View Post
          I totally don't know what you are talking about.
          LOL<, her power went out, she had to eat all the ice cream, her dogs were confused and wanted yogurt?? she went to work, but had no power cause of a brown out, crazy customer called and wanted to know when she could bring her dog in,, like odette could predict when the power would be back on,,, I think all the ice cream caused her to have brain freeze, hence all the typos,,,,,,,


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            You guys missed the whole part where she SHARES yogurt...but she does NOT SHARE ice cream. Poor doggies. In the dark and ice creamless.
   favorite image was you 1/2 asleep, trudging dutifully to the fridge to eat the ice cream. ROFL!!!!!!
            Loved it!
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