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Fresh smelling dogs with shampoo systems?

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  • Fresh smelling dogs with shampoo systems?

    Those of you who use shampoo systems, do you have a hard time getting dogs to smell clean? I have been using my new system for a few weeks now (not a recirc) and I just cannot get the dogs to smell clean like they do when I hand wash. I think it has something to do with the shampoo being diluted down so much and the air that gets pushed into the coat with the jet stream from the sprayer.

    I started out using an unscented shampoo then switched over to a tea tree, and fresh scent no matter how high I crank up the dilution rate.

    In the past I worked in a shop that used the same Davis system with an unscented shampoo then we followed up the initial bath with a 2nd hand wash with whatever shampoo the dog needed. I was really hoping to eliminate a lot of handwashing, but it seems as though handwashing is the only way to get them smelling good.

    Would love to hear comments on the procedure you use with your systems and if you also hand wash for a 2nd wash...

    Also, do you dilute the shampoo way down and continually spray the dog all over to lift off the dirt, or do you use a high concentration to quickly spray shampoo into the coat, followed by scrubbing it in by hand?

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    With a recirculating system you probably won't smell the shampoo after rinsing; that is what cologne is for. I prefer Unleashed; doesn't smell perfumey; clients love the fragrance.


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      I too have noticed that when we use a shampoo machine the dogs don't have much scent once they're dry. I've also noticed that when we get a big and hairy we have to get them all soaped up with the shampoo machine and then do a hand bath to get all the smell out. It's really annoying. We don't have any problems getting the dogs clean, they just don't smell nice a fresh like they should after being groomed. We've tried putting in more shampoo, and that does work....but then the owner starts getting her panties all in a woad because we are going through shampoo faster.


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        I have noticed that, but once they are dry, you can either smell a slight fresh scent, or just a cleanness. I also agree that cologne should be what gives the dogs a scent, it is cheaper than the shampoo, and you don't have to use it on the dogs where the owners don't want all the smell. I really didn't like that they didn't smell so strong when we first got our bathing system, but now that I'm used to it I actually prefer that they not smell so strong. Gotta believe that less perfumes on the dogs skin is better for them anyway.
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          Yea, I too tried pumping a massive amount of shampoo into the machine - still no clean smell.


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            I have a love hate relationship with our system. You are totally right, dogs don't smell clean, it annoys me. But my hands LOVE it, no more horribly dry and cracked skin from hand bathing.


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              Absolutely. That is why I wet with the hydrosurge shampoo, then do my first bath with regular shampoo from a bottle, then do the second bath with the hydrosurge. The dogs smell great and it does not take much longer.


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                I do what

                Jadenlea does I use ss lavender shampoo as my first wash.