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  • coughing dogs... LONG

    I have a client w/ 3 dogs that get groomed every other week. (2 poms and a havanese). The elderly pom started coughing about 6 months ago. Mom took her to the vet, and was told she had Kennel Cough.(Had her teeth cleaned a few weeks before and thinks she may have picked it up then.) She had all 3 dogs treated, brought them back to the vet, and got a clean bill of health... None of my other clients contracted it, thank God, and everything seemed fine... Until a couple months ago when the coughing started again. Mom took the older Pom back to the vet who said no KC, but that she has an enlarged heart. OK, I know enlarged hearts cause coughing, but she also has thick mucus that drips from her nose---She has to breath from her mouth Anyway, one dog having an enlarged heart doesn't cause the othe dogs to cough! When I nicely said this to the mom, she said that all three dogs have allergies. She was having the air conditioner ducts cleaned that day, because she though they were making everyone in the house sick.
    It just sounds off to me, and I don't want to endanger any of the other dogs in my care. I'm mobile and make them the last appt of the day, last appt of the week, disinfect like usual, and drive home with windows open to let air out. What else would you guys do? Do you think allergies could affect all three dogs the same way like this? I called the vet and they confirmed the mom's story.

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    All I can tell you is we've had the worst year for allergies here in MD.... Dogs that typically don't have any trouble at all, have had symptoms. owners are coughing and wheezing cooties on me, my eyes are all itchy and I've been living on Zyrtec. I think it's entirely feasible it's allergies.

    That being said...I'm also paranoid about Upper Respiratory in animals...and it sounds like you are taking all the right steps to play it cautious.
    I would continue to do that...if it were me.
    Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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      Benadryl is the drug of choice here, Sibes is right (what are the odds?) The duct work will make everyone sick, the lady is smart to clean them as you are in your precautions.
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        Time to consult with the vet again. You're right, enlarged heart may cause the one to cough, but I don't believe that explains the snotty nose, and certainly enlarged heart would not affect the other dogs.


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          [QUOTE=odette;412904]Benadryl is the drug of choice here,QUOTE]

          No, it's not. We don't even know what's wrong, so why suggest an OTC medication that's not that effective in dogs anyway? Snotty nose suggests infection. Dogs don't usually get thick snot dripping from their nose with allergies. And if one dog has CFH, Bendadryl might be countraindicated in that case.

          Vet visit first! Find out what's wrong. If it's allergies, hydroxyzine is a better choice than Benadryl. But leave the prescribing up to the vet.


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            Does the owner smoke? What kind of food does she feed. It IS possible all three can have allergies. The CHF dogs snotty nose can be related to the heart issues from Plural Effusion to Pneumonia. Either way the vet should be treating them all.