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    3 weeks ago I did a bath brush nails on a shep/mix. Today the owner calls to complain the hair is too long??? It was only a bath first of all but even if it had been a groom its been a solid 3 weeks since the dog was here!! Can't believe he is looking for something free because I didn't cut the dog to begin with, crazyness!

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    when i was working at the vet's, a lady called to tell us that her dog was having a reaction to one of it's vaccines. I asked her when the vaccine was given, she said "3 years ago"......
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      You did a bath and charged for a bath, not a cut. If he wants the hair shorter, then that is a cut and costs $xxx, not $xx that he paid. Hope you explained that to him.
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        Geeze. I remember a fellow called me to tell me I didn't cut enough off the dogs nails and that they were curling over and under the paw...I groomed his dog over two months earlier! When I said it was two mos ago I cut them...he just agreed, like, yeah I know and now look at my dogs nails!


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          I did a bath and brush on two cavaliers one time. And a week later the women called yelling and accusing me of cutting the hair on their backs. The funny thing is, I was still only a bather back then. That was my first experience with crazy grooming customers.


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            People try this in all areas of life. I never understood why I saw so many breeders writting sections into their contracts regarding "buyers remorse" till it happened to me. I sold a fabulous puppy to someone (this was the last puppy in the litter that we held back because we though about keeping her) Owner calls me 3 or 4 months later screaming at me and demanding money back because "my family thinks i'm crazy for paying x amount for a dog when my last dogs were x amount from shelters!" The puppy was very reasonably priced.

            I think a lot of people pay for things and are thrilled initially, then reality sets in once the novelty of the purchase is over.

            Your client was probably happy at first and then got upset when she realised that fur GROWS and becomes dirty, and she would have to pay to have the dog groomed again. Some people are just cheap and all rational thought goes out the window when cash is involved...