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  • Cut a tongue

    I am freaking out I cut a dog's tongue today. It only bled for a second but it was a bit of a slice. I wanted the mom to take her to the vet but she said she thought she would be fine but I am so upset. Is there anything a vet can do for a cut on a tongue? Am I overreacting? Please make me feel better. Can it start bleeding again? Do tongues heal easily?

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    Yes, they heal very fast! A bit of pressure (if you can get hold of it) works does an ice cube held against it. I've heard that putting sugar on the cut also works but haven't tried it. Last time I cut a tongue it was an OES and it bled a lot, but by the time the owner came to pick up the dog you couldn't even tell! She wasn't concerned about it cause we couldn't even find the cut.


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      I work at a vet and I've cut a tongue before. Tongues are vascular in nature, meaning they bleed a lot and it often looks worse than it actually is. In the tongue I nicked, all the vet did was get the dog to drink cold ice water which constricts the blood vessels and stops the bleeding. Even after the bleeding stopped you could still see the little nick, but nothing else was needed. Think of all the times you've bitten your tongue. It will heal just fine, don't worry!
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        Vet won't do anything for just a minor cut on tongue

        They don't need to do anything. It will heal. The dog will salivate and swallow, and it will be fine.

        As you said, it just bled for a bit. A worse cut will bleed longer, so it doesn't sound like you did much of a cut.

        I know you feel bad about doing it, but the dog won't even remember.


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          I have had one dog who licked the clippers and what a load of blood!!! Had my assistant run acorss the street to the bar (one and only time she ever step foot in there), got a little packet of sugar and voila! Worked like a charm and dog loved thre remedy. I keep a pack of sugar at the shop just in case now


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            If it makes you feel any better, I cut two tongues this week. Both dogs have the same owner. Not only did I feel bad about it, but I was also totally humiliated telling the owner I cut BOTH dogs tongues. First one I got with the scissors, second one I got with my clippers. It was not a good way to start my day.

            Luckily, the owner just laughed it off and said maybe next time they will learn to keep their tongues in their mouths. I still can't believe all the years I've been grooming I had only cut a tongue one time many, many years ago..... and then I go and do it twice in one day. One right after the other.

            Oh... and I tried the sugar thing. THAT was an adventure in itself. How the heck do people get ahold of those slippery tongues long enough to get sugar on it? I had more sugar on my hands, table and floor then I ever got on those 2 tongues.


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              I'm surprised it only bled for a second. I cut a tongue once and it bled like crazy!!! It was even a tiny cut. I had the vet come and look at it and she said there wasn't anything that could be done. She told me that she worked on a cat that had been in a fight and it split the tongue lengthwise. Because it was so major she put a couple stitches in it BUT the cat chewed them out. I think she said it healed up anyways (the advantage of having so many blood vessels is that it heals fast).

              Don't beat yourself up. Unfortunately injuries happen. I do everything to avoid injuries but I also try to learn everything I can to prevent it from happening again when they do happen.
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                Thanks for the replies. What an awful thing to have done. The dog is known as a 'special' dog who is a little strange. I was recommended to the mom by the local daycare as someone who would be patient and understanding of her quirks to this very overprotective mom. The mom said to me when she dropped her off don't be suprised if her tongue is out the whole time as she does this when she is nervous and she will bite even the mom if she tries to touch her face. The groom went fine and I was done a little early so I decided I would paint the dog's nails for fun. I had taken her off the table had her scarf on and then of course started to notice stray hairs. I put her back up on the table and went to trim her chin a little with my thinners and she licks her lips and I thought for a second I might not have even touched it. She didn't make a noise and I was just praying I hadn't gotten it so I pry her mouth open and sure enough there was blood. I held some paper towel in her mouth and it only bled for a second thank goodness. It looked like a pretty good slice to me. So I immediately call them mom who I can tell is upset but is trying to be calm about it. Her son was picking up the dog so he was going to take her over to the mom's work to see her. I called the vet to see if there was anything they could do for it and they said there isn't much you could do for a tongue but they would have to see it so I called the mom back and told her what the vet said and told her if she was more comfortable having her seen then by all means take her and I would pay for it. She said she would call me when she got off for the day and her son was going to keep an eye on her for the afternoon. When she called she said she seemed fine and that she was eating and drinking fine so she wasn't going to worry about it. Thank goodness she was understanding. My biggest issue with this is that it took the good right out of me. I was so upset I cried all afternoon. It really scares me that something like this can happen so easily in this profession. My mind flashes back to that thread about the groomer who cut the end of the dog's tongue right off. Do injuries happen often while grooming? I am very careful and I am scared people will think I am careless with their pets. Oh and the only other dog I have ever nicked (on her lip)....her mom works at the same place that yesterdays tongue dog works at. So now I am all worried about them talking about that and then it makes it seems like I do things like that all of the time. As you can tell I am a big worrier in general but it is such a big responsibility to have people pet's in your care...especially when you have sharp objects around uncooperative dogs. I feel like I am going to ruin this for myself by worrying too much. I worry about people being happy with the grooms and what they will think about me, and about the dogs being stressed out or something happening to them. Sigh.


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                  Tongues are horrible things, they bleed like crazy even if you just nick them. The dogs never seem to have noticed but it is very worrying when they yawn and its all red inside! I have done it twice now, both times tiny little nicks when silly pups have tried to lick my scissors (Now I don't leave open scissors in my hands. just take a deep breath and go on with your day. They heal so very quickly. I have a habit of biting my tongue too and can't stop it from bleeding. Then I completely forget about it.


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                    Dont beat yourself up over it...we have all nicked a tongue at some point, if thats the worst you ever do, then count your blessings... Yes it bleeds like crazy and it usually happens just when you have finished everything on the dog, go back to get that last little stray hair on their mouth then BAM! nicked tongue! Then you have to stick them back in the tub to wash all the blood off their mouth and face and dry and fluff out again. And your nerves are torn all to pieces for the next hour.

                    I tried the sugar and it worked, but giving them a bowl of cold water or an ice cube to lick works just as well.

                    Now, go get a cold Mikes Thingy and forget about it!