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  • Insurance??

    I am about ready to open an in-home grooming salon. I can get general liability coverage, so that if a person is injured on my property, it'll be covered. What I'm wondering about, is all of the other coverage. I've received a quote from a reputable insurance company and it covers the following-can't remove certain items-so I'm really questioning what types of coverage I need...

    Business Personal property replacement cost-$250 deductable-Would I need this?
    Animal Floater-$100 deductable-Would I need this?
    General liability-YES-I need this
    Professional liability-Would I need this?
    Damage to rented premises-Nope-I own my home-free and clear
    Medical payment-I have no employees and if someone is injured-wouldn't that be liability??
    Business interruption-I guess this is not a concern, as this is going to be a small income, or at least at first.

    What do you, as a professional, think?
    Thanks everyone-I'm really enjoying this board!

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    It doesn't

    sound like Govenor's? My main interest is the liability for the pet, though I do Housecall, so not having your needs. I may never injure a dog but some kooks can perceive something to be my fault and I would be pleased to turn such over to an insurance company.
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      YES you need animal baillee in case an animal escapes or dies. YES you want loss of business property. It is no more expensive and better to be over covered than undercovered. Loss of income? ABSOLUTLEY! NO LIability does not ay for medical, it only pays property type damages (usually) and it will need to cover YOU as well. Your personal health coverage (provided you have any) will not want to pay for your medical problems from work. BTDT.

      If you didnt call Governor insurance, call them. If you did, then take it as it is the most comprehensive coverage you can have and you can never have too much insurance. PERIOD.
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