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My van wanders on the freeway

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  • My van wanders on the freeway

    Lately my wag n tail pro van have been swaying while driving over ~50mph on the freeway. I got it checked out and was told it may be the alignment. So i got that fixed and it still sways quite a bit. A mechanic that does my oil change told me that it's the shocks that's causing the issue and suggests that I should upgrade to a heavy duty shocks. Is this true? Any wagntail mobilers facing this issue too? Im scare driving on the freeway these days.

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    You should call Jamie at WNT's. That should always be your first call. Also I would imagine it would depend on how old your van is.


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      Get an independant mechanic to check yhe steering box.
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        I would call wagntails and talk to them about it. I would imagine they have the answer.


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          Just a thought, but it could be as simple as the steering wheel being off. When I had my Jeep aligned they forgot to straighten the wheel so it still wants to wander on the road, since the steering wheel is cocked at an angle.

          Sometimes its worth checking out the easy stuff first.


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            I don't mean to sound....

            I don't mean to sound condescending in any way...but if you haven't had your van for too long, you may just be experiencing wind. Mine blows all over the freeway. Don't notice it on city streets, but combine the high speed and some wind, you have wandering. Please disregard if you have had the van a long time and this doesn't apply.


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              Okay I use to be a service writter for two different car dealers before the economy bit the dust. Anyway you should be able to describe the issues to your mechanic or his boss, get one of them to ride with you and either you drive or they do and let them diagnois the problem. If they do the diagnosis and the problem is not fixed then they are responsible for that repair. If you come in with the diagnosis and are wrong they its your dollar. When I wrote service if the guys misdiagnosised the problem we ate that expense. Make sure you tell them everything about the problem, whenit does it what speed does it start, if you go faster does the problem go away and if so what speed, Only does it when you have driven awhile etc. point is tell them everything you can think of pertaining to that problem. Nothing is not important, may not even seem to be related to the problem but tell them anyway. But let them diagnois the problem if you go in and say my front end is shaking I need an alignment then that is what they will do they wil do the alignment, they will not take the time to figure out the problem because you did. Also with the alignment did they use the machine that does just a balance or do they speed balance the tires?

              Good luck!


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                It probably is ok, but be sure your van is lower in the front.

                I had a rig that was not, and cars and trucks passing would pull me towards them. Also have the windows shut tight and the ceiling vents. If I leave a ceiling vent open I drift and it is scarey when it is windy.


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                  thanks for the info. I think i should get the steering wheel check out as well. Also, I do leave my ceiling vents open so that might be the issue as well..... Thanks again for all the wonderful advices. I own a 2006 wagntail and will be calling Jaime tomorrow to get his opinion on it.