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Really expensive floor cleaner

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  • Really expensive floor cleaner

    Well, I finished grooming last night and was on my way home when I suddenly smelled the hint of blueberries in the air. I started thinking "Hmm, why does it smell like blueberry muffins in here?" when I suddenly realize where the scent must be coming from. Apparently I forgot to close the cabinet door under the tub I keep my shampoo in and my gallon of South Bark BBF had fallen out and the cap had popped off and half the bottle was all over the floor. I just wanted to cry. $40 a gallon and half was on the floor. I have to say, it didn't brighten the floor LOL (not that I expected it to). I had screwed the cap on tight and it wasn't far to fall. It must have heard me complaining I wasn't impressed with it and made a suicide jump. Oh well.
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    well, at least now it won't take you that long to use it all up and your van smells like blueberry bubblegum


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      How sad to waste that much money, I was not impressed either for that kind of money I need to be wowed.
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