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Spring dogs....Grrrrrrr! Least favourite dogs to groom.

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  • Spring dogs....Grrrrrrr! Least favourite dogs to groom.

    I've decided that I hate doing "spring" dogs. We all have them, the dogs who come in for their clip in October and their owners say "Say bye Fido, we'll see you in the spring!"

    I had to strip a dog with a 10 blade the other day because he was so matted... Now this frustrates me because he lost everything. Tails, ears, face. Everything. It makes me want to call Animal Welfare on their owners. I don't understand how you can let your animal get to the point where his matts are 1 1/2" thick!

    I've learned to shake my head when the dog walks through the door, say something along the lines of "You really need to get him groomed more often," to the owner and hope to God that the dog decides to stay a good boy throughout the clipping.

    What's your least favourite type of dog to do?

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    Wheatons. Matted freaking wheatons. Especially because their owners want them left a few inches long. Oh, did I mention they bite? Yup, all of the wheatons I do bite. They are all also owned by old people so they have oodles of energy since their owners can't/won't walk them. I want to drink many many Mike's thingies afterwards.


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      I actually don't mind the OAY shave downs. Yeah, some can be a PITA, but I don't mind them because they are GOOD money. We charge A LOT for the big hairy OAY dogs. If people only want their dog shaved once or even twice a year than they are going to pay for it.
      So yes, they might be PITAs and they might be in horrible condition, but I get a big, fat paycheck at the end of the week.


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        The ones I hate are the ones people drag in matted to the hide, the owners telling us the dog is regularly brushed at home, is in good shape and they want a nice, fluffy hair cut on it.

        Then they get all bent out of shape when we tell them the dog needs to be buzzed down - again.


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          the poor dogs that only get groomed onces or twice a year


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            labordoodles, goldendoodles!

            There is only one that i adore grooming, but he is very 'out there' he won't look at you or let you cuddle with him or anything. You have to use a catch pole to get him out of the cage, he'll jump right up on the table sit there and stare at the wall until you are done you put him away and he's fine..he's just weird..
            All the rest are untrained, super hyper, and just mean! To neurotic for me alot of them are...Especially since the owners are so uneducated about HOW they have to take care of the dog, they don't understand the concept of brushing the dog.


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              Poppy-Outie Knee Dogs

              I still get hee-bee-jee-bees in my stomach when I groom poppy-outie knee dogs, and I have a TON of them I do.
              I feel like designing comfy, foam lined, C-clamps, and just clamp those knees in before I even start the groom.
              (Or I guess I count mount a bench vise on either side of the table...I'll call it The Groomer's Yelper.)

              Today I even found myself begging a flop-butt, buckle-kneed, matchstick legged, 34 lb. JRT to pleeeease act like a tuff dog and tighten up those liggerments and STAND for a record smashing 45 seconds. He just flopped his butt to the other hip.
              Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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                I don't mind the OAY dogs either, have many that were OAY clients for years and overall the dogs seem to be pretty good for me. Think that they're happy to get rid of all that old coat and nearly always feel a lot better afterwards.

                My personal least favorite are dogs with horrid, rotten teeth that the owners can't/won't care for. It's usually the little dogs and they can get so snappy when trying to work on their faces BECAUSE IT HURTS and that's just something that's out of my control and I feel helpless for the poor dogs.


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                  my worst ones are the million year old poodles, maltese and bichons that are practically bald and the owners always want a fluffy puppy clip of some kind. Im always tempted to ask if that means i can glue cotton balls onto the dog and just clip those because seriously.....the dog is bald argggg. I actually have a poodle that gets pom poms, she is pretty much bald except for them rofl


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                    Fat and lazy

                    I'd rather do the OAY/TAY dogs than the fat and lazy ones who sometimes weigh more than me, but have to be scissored just so. I go home feeling as though I've been ran over by a Mack truck, but the dogs are great! They got a little mini-vacation while I held up their fat, lazy butts! OHHHHHHHHHH the Mike thinys! (I'll need a full case after my Newfie tomorrow)


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                      I like the shave downs cause they can be quick easy money. I don't like the shave downs because of complications arising from pealing the pelt off the skin. Last month 2 dogs ears started bleeding about 20 minutes after I shaved them. I also don't like them because sometimes the shaved fur makes for an itchy dog afterward too. I always worry that they scratch themselves silly afterward.


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                        Groomerchick, you should ask Chuck if Groomer's Helper makes a chain fall.
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