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E-READER Readers???? (OT)

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  • E-READER Readers???? (OT)

    OK I know there's a lot of book worms on this board so surely someone is using an e-reader. I was just checking out the Nook last weekend and of course I really wanted one but before plopping down the cash I want to hear from someone who actually uses one what the pros and cons are. If you do use one why did you choose the one you have? Love to hear all opinions even if you don't have one. Has it been out long enough to know how reliable it is? Thank you!
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    I got the Kindle 1 when it came out and adore it, my grandma has the kindle 2 and love it as well. Their customer service has been awesome. I had a problem with the screen on mine and the next day they sent me a new free one and paid the return shipping on the broken one. I really like the free wireless uploading, if I can get a cell signal I can upload a book, no computer needed. There are tons of free books as well, even some well known authors offer one book in a series to get you hooked. I can even switch between my account, my sisters account, and my grandmas account and upload the books they paid for with relative ease. I couldn't be happier.


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      I had been using the Sony ereader until I just ordered the Ipad :-) I travel frequently and love to read so I found it suited me lovely.


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        Love love love Did I mention LOVE? My Kindle 2. I am a big reader (at least 2 books a week) and with the price of paperback books having gone up to 9.99 .. ow! Kindle paperbacks are about 6 something. (less if they are old) Hardcovers were going for 9.99 on kindle for the longest time but publishers have sued them, and I believe I read that due to that, the prices of hardcover on kindle will be going up to like 14.99. BOOOO greedy publishers

        The thing I love most about the kindle is that you can download the first few chapters of ANY book for free. I go to barnes and noble and browse (because I love browsing bookstores) I make a list of every book that looks interesting and then I go home and download the samples of all those books. Then when I run out of books to read I just start going through reading the first couple chapters/samples of all the books I checked out in the store. That way I never pay money for a book that looks interesting but is boring once you start reading it. The samples never disappear until you delete them which is good because sometimes if I am mid series it could be a while before I get to looking at the samples. I believe and someone can correct me if I am wrong... on the nook you can download samples, but they disappear in 2 hours? or maybe it was 2 weeks, I forget which.

        I did alot of comparison between the kindle and the nook. the nook looks sharper and has cooler accessories but the reasons I picked the kindle were these
        -faster. (page turning and downloading) After I got my kindle i went to B&N and compared. the kindle turned pages significantly faster.
        -books are cheaper
        -samples last forever.
        -longer battery life

        The Nook has a touch screen ..that is its biggest selling point, also, you can share books between nook users like a library. If you have a friend with a nook, you can trade books with them but only for 2 weeks. The book somehow disappears off their nook after the time is up. That is a nice feature that I bet kindle will add to their next version.

        OH btw.. That guy on the CNN financial show.... Clark Howard, says that by xmas he believes the E readers will be going for about $100 so if money is an issue you might want to wait a few months. He says due to competition, he believes the prices are going to drastically drop.

        Hope all this info helps.


        PS. if you dont like going out to the bookstore you can browse books online too in the "Kindle store" you can search by author, genre, title , Kindle sends mail with new best sellers and suggests books depending on what you have bought. Nook may do this also. I am not sure since I never bought one I never went to their store.