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All you Collie lovers... I need help

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  • All you Collie lovers... I need help

    locating a dog needing a home. Looking for something 1yr or older. A friend of mine is looking and he wants a rescue or a retired show dog. I am located in Iowa and need some contacts on who to call. Thanks so much and just pm me if you have some leads. )

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    what kind

    of collie?

    Border, Bearded, Lassie?


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      Here are a couple of links.....


      That's where I would start. Also....most if not all local clubs have a rescue as well. A lot breeders do rescue.....if they don't, they know someone who does. Might be worth contacting a breeder in their area.

      Hope that helps and that your friend finds a wonderful new friend.


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        My client friend breeds and shows nice collies, smooth and rough. She is in Florida, but may be willing to ship a dog to the right home. She may also be able to recommend someone in your area. Can you PM me your phone number and I will give it to her?


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          I just sent you a private message, Angie!
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