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Why do I do this to myself?

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  • Why do I do this to myself?

    Just had to vent about my burning shoulders.

    Here was my day:

    Newfi- hadnt been groomed in 2 yrs, extremly overweight #7 shave
    Lhasa- hadnt been here since Sept, puppy cut
    Lhasa- brother to the one above
    Mini poo- tries to eat you when you touch her feet, extremly matted
    shih- dosent like his face or feet touched, tries to bite
    Chow- dosent like to stand, bites on legs, #7 shave

    I'm pooped, anyone wanna come over for drinks? LOL

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    I dunno

    A groomer friend of mine's hubby is very ill & I've been helping her some.

    Today I was there by myself.
    I know most of you would think 4 dogs is a cake walk, but before you all start laughing about my whining- I'm used to using a clipper vac, her tub is only about 3' high cause she's so short, the dogs think they'll give me a run for my money (they did!) &................ I'm am whupped!!!

    Could ya deliver that drink? I'm not able to come get it.



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      Happy Drinks

      Angie- we call that a "happy Drink" day. You need to go out and have a "happy Drink".


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        Gee, I wish I was in Iowa. I could use a "happy drink" too!
        Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job. ~Franklin P. Jones


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          Oh I know how you feel Just thinking about your day makes me want to have a drink LOL I didn't have any today but I have a repeat cocker tommorrow that I had to do a submission hold on his last groom. He was 8 months and had never been groomed he was trying to eat me and my clippers, so I made him lay down on his side and held him there for a few minutes, he figured it out. I showed his dad how to do this so hopefully he has been working with him cause he thought he was the boss.
          But last newfie I did was 200 pounds and would not stand up his dad said oh yeah he does that when he dropped off he had to be DRUG to the back, tied to a cage, drug to the bathing area (luckly where I worked we had floor drains) I dried him as best as I could. Finally 3 people help me get him in a cage to finish his drying, then DRUG (200 pounds remember) to the front to finish his clip, DRUG to the back to wait for Dad who wasn't coming until 5:00 then DRUG to the lobby, where once it was time to go home he immediatly stood up and walked out of the door on his own. I think I got carried home myself I was so exhausted, my back hurt for 6 months, thank god he never came back.