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    Could really use some suggestions regarding a new name and slogan...

    I purchased an existing business called Max's Dog Wash & Snack Shack. It was primarily a self service wash with very little grooming. Now it is almost all grooming and a little self wash. I always wanted to change the name, but thought it would be too expensive. One day one of my groomers said "why not keep it Max's and change the rest?" That way people would still recognize us. We have had many clients not realize that we did grooming there. We have other very upscale clients that were put off by the name.

    So, I'm thinking Max's Grooming... blah blah I have no creativity when it comes to this! I would also somehow like to reflect that we are a fun place for the dogs. Well, as much fun as a groomer CAN be.

    I would appreciate any help.

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    thats a tricky one...

    Max & Friends Grooming

    Max's Groom Spa (or Parlour etc)



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      I was thinking jokingly

      I should have called mine. Blood Sweat & Shears or Blood Sweat & Tears mobile dog grooming. LOL Seems we all experience that.

      Or Biters, Fighters and PITAs LOL But I don't want that kind. LOL

      Seriously, The first part max & friend be sure to ad the word grooming.


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        The Max Pet Salon

        To The Max Grooming

        that's a hard one!


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          I like "the max pet salon" it sounds very upscale!


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            Grooming To The Max

            That is clever. I like that.


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              Max and Max's

              My perception is that "Max" is basically kind of homey/hokey, so it depends on what you are after.

              If you think the place NEEDS a change in name and/or look to gain more attention, there is nothing wrong with changing it. People may do a double-take if there is a change, so you will have a chance to get across that you are now a grooming salon, not mainly a dog wash.

              If you are going more upscale, you don't have to keep the word "Max" at all, although the "Grooming to the Max" suggestion was cute if you feel the need to keep part of the name. However, there are tons of other ritzy-sounding names if that is what you are after.

              That's just how it strikes me...


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                Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I would love to completely change the name to be less "hokey", but was concerned with the expense of changing signage, cards, advertising etc.

                I also wondered if existing clients would be turned off or confused by a name change.


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                  did you keep the "snack" part? You could call it Max's Splash 'n' Snack Parlour


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                    I luv To The Maxx. I'd spell it with two x's just cause it's catchy. Your slogan could be something like let us pamper your pet to the Maxx. I don't know if you already have a logo but you could have a noticeable dog in your logo, sort of like a mascot and call him Maxx. I use the big blue dog in my avatar, his name is growl and people really recognize that dog. They call to make an apt. and when I ask if they know where I'm located they usually say, yes, your the one with the blue dog in the window, right???


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                      You could also embellish the name Max and become Maximillion- "Our Grooming Is One in a Million".


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                        Thanks for all the suggestions!